Guest Blogging or Social Networking: Which is the Best

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Guest Blogging or Social Networking? Blogging is the best way to communicate with the masses. It is a platform where an individual can earn euphoric returns on their investment. All you need is dedication, passion and managed approach. Building a blog is a matter of seconds, but the promotion takes major chunk of time.

Guest Blogging

To promote a blog you can take crutch of guest blogging or social media or both. This article will provide insight on which approach is the best.

Guest Blogging

Guest Posting is all about having a persuasive title, compelling content and 2 do follow back links. All you need to do is to sit in front of computer and search a high PR blog that matches your niche. The primary reason of choosing a high PR blog is a sense of comfort that your article will be promoted or campaigned well. Once you have zeroed down the relevant blog. The next step is to approach the blog owner and butter him up with a killer article. The killer article will overshadow all the negative points. Read – 5 benefits of Guest Blogging.

Social Networking

Social Media is all about promoting your products on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkeldIn, etc.

Here is the quick snapshot of difference between two : Guest Blogging or Social Networking

Guest Posting Benefits

Targeted Visitors– another benefit of guest blogging is, you are able to catch new fishes easily. It simply means that your links will be presented to the audience in form of byline. If it is a computer or I/T troubleshooting related post, then the people seeking about advice on troubleshooting will click on the site. Thus, be assured of the fact that the right person is available for the right job.

A compelling byline– The byline as a matter of fact provides deep insights on what kind of services you proffer and with it you’ll surely be able to gain momentum. Also read  : How Guest Blogging Boost Your Page Rank

Rapport Building– The guest blogging is an effective way for building relationship with other bloggers. It is a web 2.0 world where solicitude means zero SERP ranking.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

The major pitfall of guest blogging is to write an extensively researched article that matches the niche of the website. A highly researched article can be a tedious task, especially for person who don’t have required domain knowledge.

Do follow Backlinks– It is the primary advantage of doing guest blogging. You can be assured of 2 do follow backlinks either in the author by line or within the post. It totally depends upon the discretion of the blogowner.

Another downside of guest blogging is; it is a time consuming effort. Approaching the blogowner suggest him topics or ask for the same and then write an effective post. All in all it is a cumbersome process.

A food for thought– once your post has gone live, do ask for the feedback and respond to the comments. It really sucks; if people don’t do the same.

Verdict– Unfazed by the fact that Google likes Guest blogging, but the dilemma is writing a guest post-it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you really don’t have some unique proposition to offer, don’t even make an effort to contact the blog owner. The title of the post plays an important role. So, make a conscious effort to write a post that validates the efforts and hard work.

Benefits of Social Networking

It is an easy and effective way to promote the website. All you have to do is to find a neck breaking content and post in on various social networking sites. With it you’ll gain desired exposure and increased visibility.

Aside from that, your website will be viewed with a fresh new look and it has more chances of getting dozens of visitors within a fraction of time. With the assistance of social media monitoring tool, you can keep a vigil on your social activities. It is the best way to reach to the audience and get the desired traffic to the website.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Although with assistance of social networking site you’ll be able to get in touch with the visitors, but what if they are not interested in the topic. Another problem is the amount of clicks. Even if the topic scores well on originality, yet people miss it.

Verdict– Social Media gives SEO boost to the sites but guest blogging is more effective method.

Wrap Up

Both the methods have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. It is highly recommended to use social networking sites only; if you hordes of friends.Otherwise this method would prove to be an ineffective way of promoting blog.

Opt for Guest blogging only; if you have a flair for writing and have an urge to do something special every day.


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