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2917_74757439817_73855584817_1758331_7752762_nNow a days Vodafone ZooZoos are the best ad campaign . They are making IPL ad breaks so much of fun and interesting.Zoozoos are one such creation by the talented team at O & M for the visionary brand in cellular communication Vodafone. I am posting funny sounds / Ringtones of ZooZooz. If you love the way the Zoozoos sound? Download Zoozoo sound clips right away and hear them talk in their adorable tone whenever you want.

Download Section : Click on Image to download the Ringtone!

1. Download ZooZoo Fighting Sound


2. Download ZooZoo Screaming Sound


3. Download ZooZoo Giggling Sound


4.Download ZooZoo Grumbling Sound


5.Download ZooZoo TeasingĀ  Sound


Hope you all love the way ZooZoo Laugh , Tease etc etc. Download the Ringtones and have a fun.


Vishal Gaikar

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