How to Update Kaspersky Antivirus Offline ?

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There are several ways by using you can update the Kaspersky antivirus offline . I am using Kaspersky updater utility and which is  the free command-line utility is now in public beta and allows downloading of all Home and corporate Kaspersky Lab’s product updates to a folder of your choice for offline update, the good thing is that the new version now supports a GUI to control the CLI Universal updater utility.

Follow the simple steps to download Updates :

Step 1 : Visit this Website and download latest from there as it contains the GUI interface also.

Step2 : Once you downloaded , Just extract the files in a Folder.

Step 3 : Now you will get extracted files, Now run the KasperskyUpdater.exe.


Step 5 : Now the Kaspersky Window will be appeared (As shown in the screenshot)..Select the specific product for which you want to download the updates.


Step 6:  Check the boxes which I marked in the figure and select appropriate product. Once done . click on Apply and then press Start to start the downloading process.

Step 7 : Downloading files will be start and a  Command prompt will pop up and will show the status. All the required update files will be now downloaded to the folder “Updates

Thats it. Once done, now you have the off-line

update for that product of kaspersky which you have selected.

How to use this downloaded files to update your Kaspersky product ??

  • Right click on system tray icon of the Kaspersky Antivirus.
  • Select the Update menu and click Settings .
  • Click the Add menu, and find the location of the folder containing the update file above (download the Updates folder above)
  • After added, remove the check for “Kaspersky Lab’s update server” and click OK.
  • DONE.

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