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Christmas is just around the corner. It is only a few days away, and most of us have already bought gifts and wrapped them up. However, if you have not, it is not too late.

If you are finding it hard to find that special gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother or best friend, then look no further than the following five gadgets. These will blow their minds and make them love you even more.

Spy Watch

Who doesn’t want to be a spy? But it is not possible for everyone to be a spy. However, you could ‘pretend’ to be one with Spy Watch 4GB. This is a high-tech watch that records video and audio, takes photographs, is splash proof, and yes, it does tell you the time.

With a 4GB built-in storage capacity, the watch can take hours and hours of video and sound footage, which you can then upload onto your computer. It has a very masculine look and will make whoever wearing it the centre of attention.

Just imagine your husband going to a party in a suit and wearing the Sky Watch? James Bond 007 himself would be jealous.

Hexagon Levitate 2.0 Speaker

Everyone has a speaker, don’t they? Well, yes, but yours could be special… if you get a Hexagon Levitate 2.0 Speaker. It does exactly what the name suggests – levitate.

Hexagon Levitate 2.0 Speaker

The Hexagon Levitate 2.0 Speaker, fitted with 5 Watt output with a wide audio spectrum, actually floats in the air while it plays your music. And it is portable. If you want your songs on the go, you can take just the speaker with you. The top speaker section of this design is removable from the base. How cool is that!

As if that was not enough, the speaker can be charged wirelessly while it is actually floating above the base. Could it get any better?

Vizor Glasses Pro

So you have this gamer friend and you are struggling to find the perfect gift for him before Christmas? Get him Vizor Glasses Pro. Whether he is into minecraft or playing slots at Betway, this headset is going to make his experience absolutely perfect.


Vizor Glasses Pro is compatible with nearly all smartphones and delivers 360° viewing experience. It make playing interactive augmented or virtual reality games and watching 3D movies an adventure.

Amazon Echo Dot

Can’t be bothered writing down your shopping list? Or turn the TV on to get the latest weather news? Maybe you just want to listen to Miles Davis but too tired to go on Youtube? Perhaps you fancy cooking Blanquette de Veau, but you have no idea about the recipe?

Enter Amazon Echo Dot, or Alexa as you would call her.

Play music, control the channels on TV, get the latest news, set alarms and reminders, control lights and switches, ask for recipes… Alexa is your go-to friend.

Amazon Echo Dot is a brilliant invention that will make your life that much better and easier. And it is not ugly to look at. The hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker has a sleek and compact design which you can place anywhere in your house without spoiling the decor.

Parrot Swing and Flypad Minidrone

Okay, so it is a bit childish, but we all have an inner child that wants to enjoy the simpleness of life. When you were a kid growing up, you must have flown a kite or a remote-controlled helicopter, and you loved it. Admit it!


Why not recapture some of that youthful vigour and innocence by buying the Parrot Swing Minidrone for your loved one this Christmas? Combining the stability of a quadcopter and the power of a plane, the Parrot Swing and Flypad Minidrone Swing can reach speeds up to 30.6 kph (19 mph). The controls are easy, and you can rest assured that your boyfriend or husband will learn quickly how to fly it.

Imagine the grin on your loved one’s face when he opens the nicely wrapped Parrot Swing and Flypad Minidrone on Christmas morning? Imagine, just imagine…


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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