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Tablet PCs have taken the world by storm and the market which initially saw only the iPad now sees numerous players like the Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy and others which use the Android OS. As of now tablet PCs are being used for businesses with their small form factor and other benefits. What makes them even better for business use is the numerous apps available that transform them into the best business tools. Some of the best apps to add to the tablet PC include the following:

File Sharing, Storage and Remote Desktop Apps

  1. Dropbox is meant for those tablets that do not have  a USB port which prevents uploads and downloading of files. Dropbox enables file access on any other computer that has Dropbox installed, and eases files sharing. It works for the iPad and the Blackberry.
  2. Egnyte Enterprise App provides safe cloud storage and file backup and sharing for businesses. Files can be transferred from any PC and the app works for iPad and Android.
  3. Citrix Receiver is a remote desktop app for quick access to any Windows or Mac Desktop, and all applications can run from the remote location or while on the move. It works for the iPad, Android Tablet PCs and Blackberry PlayBook.

Live conferencing Apps

All the apps mentioned below work for the iPad, Blackberry and Android tablet PCs.

  1. Skype permits free video calls to all Skype users, and at very low rates to non Skype users. It works on all tablet PCs and can be downloaded free.
  2. WebEx provides all the needs for a conference with audio, video and data streaming capabilities.
  3. Fuze Meeting helps to host and attend a teleconference or a video meet with Fuze account holders and even those who do not have a Fuze account. It allows multimedia presentations as well.

Apps for Payment Processing

  1. Square Square allows acceptance of credit cards for products sold online or in exhibitions and displays, with the aid of a card reader that comes with Square. It works on Android PCs and the iPad.
  2. Intuit GoPayment also helps to accept credit card payments through any card reader accessories it supports. It even accepts customer signatures on the tablet touch screen, and send receipts through email from the point of sale. It is available on Android PCs and the iPad.

Apps for Organizing and Documents

  1. Evernote is a powerful all in one app for taking notes, recording audio texts and photos. All these synced on the tablet PC.
  2. Things helps to manage all work lists and all repetitive tasks by date and time. Multiple lists and projects can be handled simultaneously. It works on the iPad and Android PCs.
  3. Pocket Informant- This app is meant to manage tasks and jobs including meetings and appointments, and other calendar appointments. It can be synced with Google Calendar and Toodledo and works for the iPad, Blackberry and Android tablet PCs.
  4. Wyse PocketCloud Pro- this is ideally suited to get remote access to desktop from anywhere. It helps to get any information stored on the desktop through the tablet computer. It works on the iPad and Android tablets.
  5. Documents To GoThis helps to create, view and edit documents on the move, which include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. It works on Blackberry, iPad and Android PCs.
  6. GoodReader is a universal app for reading files including books, movies, images and documents. All files with extensions PDF, TXT, PPT, DOC, XLS and audio or video formats, can be read with this app. It works on iPad and the Android PC.
  7. Salesforce MobileThis app helps to keep track of sales and get the latest sales figures. It enables account access, account activity and maintain logs of calls, meetings etc. It is particularly useful in following leads without any time wasted and improve business. It is available on iPad and Blackberry tablets.

Business News Apps

  1. Bloomberg provides all the latest financial news including news of the stock market, companies and trends.  It works on the iPad, Blackberry and Android tablets.
  2. Economist is the complete global business magazine which works only on the iPad and the app is one great way of staying in touch with world markets and economies.

Social Network Apps

  1. Twitter is the much used social network app to stay in touch with contacts through tweets, messages and sharing photos. It works on iPad, Blackberry and Android tablets.
  2. Blogger is the best way to keep up blog posts from anywhere with the tablet computer. This official app is available for the iPad and Android tablet.

Useful Google Apps

  1. Google Translate is the ideal app to have if you have a global business where multiple languages are needed. This offers translation in 57 languages, and with voice recognition software, the text can be spoken and be translated into 15 different languages. It is available for both Android and iPad.
  2. Google Mobile App provides the best search tool for the mobile user who can use it to search, translate, communicate, have hands free access through voice recognition and numerous other functions. It works on all Android tablets, Blackberry and iPad.

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