Samsung Galaxy S6 will be coming in the first quarter of 2015 or not?

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Samsung has been the renowned Electronic maker in the world from the last decade and with what pace its going ahead further, there is no qualm that the Korean firm will taste its fan’s love and fame for the coming decade also.


We have seen a bunch of devices accomplishing market’s majority of shares whether we talk about smartphones, phablets, TVs etc from Samsung. If we step on to the smartphones we will get a long list but the legendary smartphone series is “Galaxy S” which has recently captured its fifth generation device i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5.

Only a month has passed and we have started getting rumors about the next-gen Galaxy S member. As the name of the series defines, Galaxy S6 is going to be the future member of this famous smartphone family.

A glance at Expected Galaxy S6 specifications:

Before starting about the release date I would like to give a brief description about Galaxy S6 specs. The future device is expected to feature 5.3″ screen, 64 bit processor, 4 GB RAM, 20 MP main & 5 MP secondary camera (both capable of recording HD recording video & image simultaneously) and 16/32/64 GB inbuilt storage which can be expanded upto 128 GB.

Apart from the above mind-boggling specs, it is expected to feature LED notification light, fingerprint sensor, IRIS recognition technology as well as heart rate sensor which can gather information about human’s heart beat via inbuilt app.

Release date speculations:

Various tech-blogs on internet say that SGS6 will be releasing in the first quarter of 2015. Well, I have a gut feeling about the same too but I think that the forefather of Galaxy S5 will be releasing either in the ending of first quarter or the starting of second quarter. Basically, I mean either in March or April of the approaching year.

Now, what’s the question most of you might think? It’s that will Samsung release S6 in those rumored date or not? Well, I have brought up answer to this; let’s check it out.

Well, many of you will not remember the release of Samsung’s first member of Galaxy S family. Do you? Don’t worry if you don’t know, I tell you. The Korean firm launched the first member back in June 2010 and coming to second member which was shown off in April 2011. Let’s have a look at all the members of Galaxy “S” series:

Galaxy S (i9000) June 2010
Galaxy S2 (i9100) April 2011
Galaxy S3 (i9300) May 2012
Galaxy S4 (i9500) April 2013
Galaxy S5 (G900F/H) April 2014


Read the above table? If we look at the table, we see each and every successor has been released in the second quarter of each consecutive year but the first member was released a bit late form others. Samsung has prepared it like a tradition and is following it from beginning. Considering this tradition followed by the firm there is full possibility that the next member Samsung Galaxy S6 will also come up in either April or May 2015 but the continuously rising competition from other smartphone manufacturers might compel Samsung to bring forward the release to March also.

Here we have another possibility and that is either the firm will unleash the device in March and make it available for sale from April 2015 because nowadays it’s becoming a new trend followed by many manufacturers as this increases curiosity in fans and fanatics all around the globe.

I have mentioned three possibilities above out of which the first one mentions that Samsung might release as well as make the device available for sale in first quarter, secondly doing the same in second quarter and the last one is releasing in first quarter but making available in second. If I put an answer to the question I asked whether Galaxy S VI will release in first quarter or not will be neither positive nor negative as per the possibilities I mentioned.

Anyways, What about you guys? What you think of Galaxy S6 and its release date? Don’t forget us to tell us your views in the comments section below.


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