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Vishal Gaikar

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On July 30, 2013
Last modified:April 30, 2016


a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Earphones gives up a rich, deep bass response and will help you to discover your music all over again.

Eager to buy a new earphone for your new iPad or new tablet but not quite sure on what criteria’s to look for?  The a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Earphones can very well be the right item to fit it in your iPad accessories.


Despite the large market and fierce competition, this Swedish based company has attempted in revolutionizing the earphone technology with its new a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Headphones. The product itself reflects the amount of efforts and research done before launching this product into the market of devices and accessories.

a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Earphones Review

First we start with its casing. With a hard and cylindrical cover, the product fascinates the customer with its sophisticated looks. Inside, the buyer can find room for a-Jays three heavy bass impact earphones, 4 sets of ear sleeves, airplane adapter, travel case, stereo splitter and the user manual. Stereo splitter facilitates two users to be connected to the same music system output at the same time. Sharing a piece of earphone with your friend is no longer necessary.


If stats where being recorded more accurately, researchers would have found that the cause for high stress among teenagers is while they are struggling to get their earphone’s cable right! Jokes apart, the very sight of a tangled string would make them freak out, let alone trying to fix it. But this is not the case with a-Jays Three Earphones. Made of 5 mm wide flat cables, a-Jays three takes the problem of strangled wires out of the picture.

No matter where they have been kept or what condition they were dumped previously, the earphones can be easily straightened out by simply pulling them across their length. This spares users from the unnecessary frustration and anxiety. The 1.2 mm thick standard black cables are very durable and made of strong fibrous material to prolong its service life. Moreover, the 45 in. long cables not only are longer than the usual i phone earphones but evidently better as well.


The 8.6 mm TCD neodymium speakers really steals the show with its highly impressive sound quality which is backed up with its heavy bass impact. Apart from its superior audio clarity, a-Jays Three’s deep bass response and crystal clear treble fetches it yet another star on why you should buy this. Also, a-Jays advanced sound isolating system is unpanelled. They either nullify or completely shut surrounding noise from penetrating in and are hence a perfect device to have while traveling. Sensitivity is around 97 dB at 1 KHz.

The audio system plug input is a gold plated Stereo Mini plug and 3.5 mm in dimension. Gold plating enhances the audio quality and performance. The rest of the black colored cord is straight and cylindrical in shape.

The 4 extra ear-fits of varying sizes are provided to give users the choice of their sleeves which fits them appropriately. Not only does this help enhancing the sound quality, but also ensures maximum comfort to the ears.The design is such that the earphones fit firmly so that no matter how rigorous training the user is going through, their a-Jays Three won’t come off. Hence the product suits well for travelers and sports persons doing activities such as jogging and biking.


Of course, there are certain drawbacks even for this fine model. The plug can be uncomfortable for some users because of its large size. Some might find it rather awkward while some might be pleased with its shape and length.Moreover, the ear lobe starts hurting after using it for an hour or so. Apart from these two issues, there are no other problems that can prevent users from buying it.

a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Earphones Pricing

Priced at around $49, the a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact earphones certainly add value for money. With such sophisticated technology and high class quality, one cannot ask for more.

a-Jays Three Heavy Bass Impact Earphones gives up a rich, deep bass response and will help you to discover your music all over again.

Vishal Gaikar

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