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Vishal Gaikar

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On June 3, 2015
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Zadarma is an iOS application which can be used for outgoing and incoming audio/video calls
and text and SMS messages.

Zadarma is a VoIP service which is being provided by the IP Telecom, Bulgaria. Zadarma Project proudly boasts of its latest release for iOS devices. The latest VoIP application by Zadarma enables the users to make outgoing calls as well as receive incoming calls from IP PBX or any other landline number.


Now-a-days, almost every iPhone user has some VoIP application installed on their phones. A VoIP app is a convenient and reliable means of making calls to your friends and family that too at very cheap rates. All the VoIP service providers offers various options and services to their users like SIP, Access numbers, Webphone, Webcall back and many more.

Using this VoIP application, the user can make calls to their loved ones who are also using the same app at very affordable rates. So, you can sit back, relax and talk for long hours with your loved ones without worrying about the heavy phone bills.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP basically stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol i.e. it acts just like a phone for the internet. A VoIP network converts the voice of the user into small data packets that gets transmitted over the internet.

This in turn results in decreased load on the network which thereby results in decreased call rates of the call. Thus, it enables the users to make calls and communicate with their loved ones at lower call rates.

How can Zadarma help you?


Zadarma is a great VoIP application that enables the iPhone users to make calls at very affordable rates. Although, Zadarma is a very useful app but it especially comes handy when you have to reach out and contact your provider or clients who are residing in some other part of the world. It even allows you to make calls to your beloved ones at cheap rates without any restricted limits even if you are overseas.


This therefore, saves one cost on international calling and thus is a quite useful app. Another exciting thing of this app is that the users can get access to Zadarma’s telephony services anywhere by making use of the internet. Zadarma is an amazing VoIP application that can be used for making both international as well as local calls.

Features of Zadarma

All in all Zadarma is an incredible mobile app for making VoIP calls. Here we have listed some other interesting features of this great application:

  • With Zadarma, the users get an advantage of making calls at cheap and competitive prices.
  • This application ensures high quality network services as they make use of premium routes only.
  • It also ensures complete privacy and data security. Thus, the users can rely on the app.
  • It even allows the user to make free of cost calls within its own network. In addition, you can make free calls to over 100 countries all over the world.
  • The users also get the benefit of 24 X 7 customer support services. For any technical help and assistance you can use the app’s 24 X 7 support services.
  • It not only allows you to make calls to their loved ones, but you can even send and receive text messages i.e. you can chat with your loved ones on SMS too. Also you can make video calls to them.

Pricing and Compatibility

Zadarma is a completely free of cost VoIP service that can be accessed by different users all over the world. Zadarma is compatible with all iPhone devices that run on iOS 6.0 and above versions. The users can simply access the app via App Store under the Social Networking category.


Therefore, Zadarma is a pretty handy and easy to use VoIP application that enables user to make calls to any part of the world that too at very affordable rates. So, download the app today on your iPhone and enjoy the amazing features of the app.

Download Zadarma for iPhone

Zadarma is an iOS application which can be used for outgoing and incoming audio/video calls and text and SMS messages.

Vishal Gaikar

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