4 Categories of Apps Every iPhone and Android User Should Have

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Smartphones are hungry for apps. A smartphone with no apps is hardly a smartphone at all. In this connected world, almost every type of product you buy can be purchased with a supporting app. Every day, apps are doing more and more, as people demand ever more functionality from apps.

Native vs Web mobile apps

Developers are earning their keep like never before. They are giving us VR, AR, and even apps that help us avoid the ER. If you are new to the smartphone world and just picked up your first premium iPhone or Android handset, figuring out where to start can be a little overwhelming.

The first place to start is probably the apps stores available on the device you just purchased. There, you will find various app collections. Some apps are obvious starting points. You will be swimming in apps before long, including apps that can help you with swimming. But before you blow your entire app budget on one category, here are some of the key categories you want to be sure you cover:


At this point, the best TV you have might well be your smartphone. The OLED screens are amazing. And even more impressive is the HDR video capabilities. Any sized iPad Pro makes for an immersive TV or movie experience. But the hardware is only one part of the equation. The second part of the equation is the app that makes it happen.

Most likely, your content provider has an app that makes mobile TV viewing possible. Beyond that, you also have the alternative service like Hulu and Netflix. But there is a third part of the entertainment equation that is just as important. That is the connection to the internet in your home that provides the bandwidth.

Whether you go with Optimum internet or some other high-speed home broadband service, you can’t get the most out of the current generation of apps at home without the fastest, most ubiquitous, and most affordable service possible. You don’t want to run TV apps on your data-capped mobile line. So make sure you have solid broadband and the latest TV apps. It is the heart of modern TV.


Not so long ago, the idea of getting real work done on a mobile device smaller than a laptop was laughable. But productivity apps have caught up to the potential of modern mobile hardware. Tablets are almost indistinguishable from computers when it comes to the type and amount of real work that can be done.

When it comes to great productivity apps for IOS and Android, neither platform has the advantage. Whatever task you need to do, there is most definitely an app for that. And if the web is your platform of choice, you can still get it done at a public library.

The problem with getting work done on a public library computer is security. The last thing you want to do is enter sensitive information on a computer you don’t control. When you use a mobile device, you stay in control of the data flow. Your encrypted device is much more difficult to hack. You may not need to get work done on your mobile device every day. But when you need it, you will be glad you have it.


We are used to smartphones helping us navigate a city. But navigation apps do little for those who do not drive. Fortunately, there are apps that do for transit commuters what GPS apps did for drivers. If you live in New Jersey, you can look up schedules, plan a trip, and even purchase your bus or train ticket right on your phone.

You never need to fumble with cash or those inscrutable ticketing machines. From planning to riding, you are done in a few taps. even if you don’t ride public transit often, this type of app can be a lifesaver. If you find yourself out and about without cash and exact change, it could make for an expensive ride home. A good transit app could be the difference between getting home and being stranded.

You are going to discover a lot of new and interesting apps in your smartphone journey. Just be sure to save space for entertainment, productivity, and transit apps. You don’t want to leave home without them.


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