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Apple is known to deliver innovative smartphones that are commonly used as a benchmark for other smartphones, but lately, Apple has found itself being outplayed by rival Samsung.


With the hype surrounding the iPhone 5S, will Apple be able to regain its sole position at the top of the smartphone market? This review will tackle the several features from the design to the size, and operating system.

Build & Size of the iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S feels familiar. Its weight and build is very similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 5. With the 112g and 7.6mm depth, the 5S is a light phone that is easy to carry.


The 5S measures at 123.8mm tall and fits easily into a user’s pocket. The 5S comes in three different colors which are grey, gold, and silver. Overall, the iPhone 5S is a light phone compared to its competitors in the smartphone market. It also has a clean finish and a still elegant exterior. Apple has done a fine job of engineering the 5S. The 5 5S is unlike those cheap cell phones that you find online.

iPhone 5S Specs

The latest feature on the iPhone 5S that is garnering a lot of attention is the fingerprint scanner. Apple calls this nifty new feature the Touch ID. The 5S has ushered in a new era of purchasing content, security, and smartphone banking, with its Touch ID.

Users will no longer have to use the keypad to lock and unlock their phone or even buying songs from the iTunes store. Users need not worry because the data for the scanner will not be stored on cloud servers. The date for the scanner will only be stored on the phone itself.

The Touch ID is easy to use. Users only need to press the button with the finger they want scanned 20 to 30 times until it registers on the 5S. The Touch ID is an impressive security app that protects users from identity theft.

Although its camera is behind newer model smartphones from HTC and Samsung, the iPhone 5S improved the 8-megapixel camera it has. This improved camera can shoot in slow motion at 720p at 120fps. Have you ever wanted to shoot that cool slow motion video with your friends?

The iPhone 5S grants you that dream. Aside from the slow-motion capability, the camera enables users to integrate ten shots per second to create the perfect photo.

Users can benefit from the True Tone flash of the 5S’ camera. This new feature adjusts the lighting of the surroundings to make the picture taken better. Users can approximate the right skin tone even in poorly lit environments.

Despite the improvements, the camera of the 5S pales in comparison to the 13-megapixel and 13.1-megapixel of the Sony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy S4. But the 5S still takes excellent quality pictures with a nice set of features.

The iOS 7 for the iPhone 5S

The much ballyhooed iOS 7 hit its mark. This operating system supports a wide variety of LTE and 4G frequencies. This operating system is compatible with most of the major networks. Another good thing about the iOS 7 is that it is compatible with older iPhone models such as the iPhone 4.

The iOS 7 comes with a few changes such as flatter and colorful icons compared to three-dimensional logos of the previous operating systems. Users of the iOS 7 can also use apps such as music streaming via iTunes Radio. Other free apps that come with downloading the iOS 7 include iMovie, iPhoto, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages just to name a few.

The iOS 7 also make sit easier for photographers to take and edit pictures. Users can now pick a filter they want to use when they shoot a photo, instead of editing the photo they took at a later time. Also, users who want to shoot videos can now zoom in. The iOS 7 makes used Apple cell phones look and feel new.

iPhone 5S Screen

The 5S has stayed true to the Retina Display of its predecessors. The 4-inch, 1136×640 screen pops out with color and fine detail. Watching videos and looking at photos will be quite a visual treat. The 4-inch screen of the 5S is small compared to its counterparts on the smartphone market.

Performance of the iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S uses a new A7 processor and 64-bit computing device which delivers ultra fast speed. With the new processor, users will enjoy instant load times when they open apps, movies, and images. Users of the iPhone 4S will feel the dramatic change in speed when they switch to the 5S.

Should you buy the iPhone 5S?

With the marked improvements of the 5S from its predecessors, hardcore Apple users will purchase this latest offering, and lukewarm consumers might finally make the switch. But with the intense competition in the smartphone market, it remains to be seen if Apple can regain pole position.


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