How to Add Google Fonts in WordPress Website with Effective Plugins

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Are you bored of having same usual font style in your blog? You can change towards creative Google Web Fonts that includes editing of few theme files, which might seem uncomfortable while trying out. If you are not interested to edit files, then you can look out for some of the useful WordPress plugins for incorporating Google web fonts in your WordPress site.


Here we are going to explain you how you can integrate Google fonts in WordPress website along with 10 best WordPress plugins.

1. WP Google Fonts


With the help of WP Google Fonts plugin, you can effortlessly insert Google web fonts from Google Font Directory towards your WP theme. So firstly you have to install and activate this particular plugin. Then on your WP dashboard, you can move to the Setting Section towards the Google Fonts Menu.

When you click on this, you’ll notice some windows- Font 1; Strait;

  1. Choose font styles you like;
  2. Elements you like to assign this font to;
  3. Custom CSS (optional):;
  4. Choose character sets you want;
  5. Save all fonts.

Here you have to choose Google font as per your need and tags that you want to add. At last you have to save the changes. On your WP setting you can easily save up to 6 Google web fonts and use them to distinct tags.

2. Font


The font plugin comprises of different features that can be applied by you to the text of your blog. Firstly you need to install and activate the plugin. While keeping an eye on your post, you will notice the Font Settings Button at the top. Now you can easily customize your text along with fonts, colors, and effects. Then you can click on the save button placed on the top-right corner.

3. Supreme Google Webfonts

Supreme Google Webfonts

Supreme Google Webfonts has the capacity to include 291 Google Webfonts in your visual editor panel while crafting web pages or posts. You have to first install and activate this plugin. Then you can move to your visual editor to start applying your Google WebFonts easily.

4. Google Web Fonts Manager


Known to be a simple plugin, Google Web Fonts Manager plugin offers you approach towards more than 100 web fonts that are accessible with Google. This plugin acquires latest list of fonts that are accessible and exhibits every font’s example which is chosen by you. In order to utilize this particular plugin, you would require Web Developer Font Key for eye-catchy Google fonts.

5. Typecase Web Fonts


This plugin is considered as a web font management plugin with the help of which you can effortlessly browse, do searching and also insert any of the fonts as you can come across more than 500 fonts from Google Web fonts. It is actually a superb experience with Typecase executing with web fonts on WP.

With an inclusion of over 500 fonts, Typecase is a perfect typography plugin that can be used easily for browsing, searching and choosing the right fonts to use on your website.

6. Web Fonts


When you use the Web Fonts plugin, you can quickly browse it that will provide you any of the numerous open web fonts that are accessible from the Google. You can then insert them in your style-sheet in the similar way that you execute with web fonts. While applying the Web Fonts plugin, you will require Web Developer Font Key for the attractive Google fonts.

7. Google Typography

Google Typography

Google Typography is reflected upon as easy plugin that helps you to apply and customize any type of fonts available on Google on any text of your current WordPress website, exclusive of writing any line of code.

When you come in the Appearance section> Typography setting page, you only have to include and do customization of any number of fonts that you want. After that you can use it to any of the accessible HTML tag or CSS selector.

8. Google Web Fonts Customizer


GWFC plugin has the ability to handle the Google Web Fonts that are to be applied on your website; and that too with the application of WP Customizer live preview, for huge ranges of use starting from body tags to list tags. You can modify your font style, font color and font weight as per you like. This plugin is easy to utilize thus giving you no problem in managing it.

9. FontMeister


FontMeister is actually a font management plugin that gives an opportunity to view, include and utilize the fonts from the Google’s general font resources. The FontMeister drags the fonts for you from Typekit, Google Web Fonts, and Font Squirrel to apply in any of the theme.

For applying the FontMeister plugin, you would require Web Developer Font Key for using the Google fonts; Fontdeck project id for Fontdeck fonts; and Typekit key for the typekit fonts.

10. GMO Font Agent

GMO Font Agent

This plugin is attached with Google fonts, and also offer you to select any of the available elegant web fonts available from Google. GMO Font Agent is quite compatible with IcoMoon and Genericon for increasing its frequent use. This plugin can also be added from the post editor. If you want to utilize this plugin, you will require Web Developer Font Key for the Google fonts.

Hence, you might have learnt about the above reliable WordPress plugins which will easily assist you to execute the Google fonts in your site’s blog posts.


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