Magento vs osCommerce: Comparison of CMS for eCommerce Website

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Here is the comparison between Magento vs osCommerce. Selecting the CMS for an eCommerce website is surely a very confusing task. An online website not only requires a lot of hard earned money but the reputation of your brand is also on the sake. A business can never afford to do any mistake while building an eCommerce website.

Magento vs osCommerce

When we talk about eCommerce CMS; Magneto and osCommerce are surely the name that deserves attention. These both website building platforms offers bucket of amazing features to the website owner as well as the end customer. But which one is better?

In this post of mine I had compared Magento vs osCommerce with respect to different parameters so that you can take an easy and confirmed decision.

Please note that both Magento and osCommerce are open source eCommerce web application that means; user won’t have to give any download or license fee to use them. Icing the cake it is not a tough task to find the Affordable Magento Conversion Company.

Shopping Cart Availability

Shopping cart is an amazing feature that allows the online customers to eventually purchase selected items from an ecommerce website. Both Magento as well as osCommerce provides the facility of shopping cart but designing of Shopping Cart in Magento is much complicated as compare to that of the osCommerce. Moreover due to the heavy background coding; Magento Shopping Cart is quite slower than the opponent.

Modules and Functionality

When we concern about the Modules and functionality; Magneto undoubtedly dominates this competition. Magento incorporates every class of Modules and functionalities including Meta tags, Bulk Order Management tool, editable Order Form and much more. On the other hand osCommerce is restricted to a bunch of few modules and functionalities.

Hosting Requirements

This is surely a deciding parameter when we compare two eCommerce website building platforms. Magento is a highly advanced platform and hence requires a dedicated server for best performance. Whereas osCommerce is a light platform that can work efficiently even on a shared hosting facility. Hence in the parameter of Easy Hosting; osCommerce is a better option than Magento.

Backend Features

It is very important to have an attractive Front-End user interface but it is much more important to have an advanced and well structured Back End panel. A well planned and updated Backend ensures better SEO as well as better website management.

The Backend facilities of Magento are much advanced and well structured than osCommerce websites. Moreover it is also observed that possibility of any bug presence in osCommerce is higher than that of Magento.

Update of the CMS

Regular updates for a CMS confirm its better functionality. Magento is a name which is always in highlights with its regular updates. The active community and Magento developers are always keen to make it better. The story of osCommerce is on a dark side with no frequent updates. So before taking any hard decision you must take this point in view.

Authority to the Website Owner

Beside with the basic tweaking facilities; many a times you may need some advanced authorities and functionalities. May be you will require monitoring multiple websites with same Admin or you would like to integrate an Add-On for better functionality; Situation could be any but the only solution is ‘More Power To Website Owner’.

Magento dominates this parameter with a huge difference.

Payment Gateway Options

When we talk about the available payment gateways; Magento is surely handy as it incorporates both PayPal as well as PayPal Pro. On the other hand; osCommerce currently offers PayPal only.

Customer Centric Approach

It is a very common saying that “More the satisfied customers; Better a business will grow”. When building an online shopping website you must be centric to the customer’s need and demands. Magento scores maximum in this parameter as it provides amazing additional features like Bulk order Management tool, Individual Pricing algorithm for a specific group, multiple product images, additional description of the product and much more.


Was a tough fight between Magento vs osCommerce! Right? After exploring every aspect of both platforms; on which eCommerce CMS you will bet upon? When you compare two platforms, you must choose the one which completely satisfy your requirements.

I hope that this post will help you to take a confirmed decision. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below. I will really love to hear your reviews about my work.


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