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The world is getting globalized and so is the internet. A huge chunk of the world population has moved online. Hence, services and market has also shifted to internet. However, internet is not so safe and secured places as it looks. There are many hackers sitting and waiting to hunt down their next target online.


One needs to take utmost care while surfing the internet and keep in mind some basic dos and don’ts. Hence, we are here to share some tips on protecting yourself online.

Right after the second you connect your system to the internet, your security gets set to be breached. There are various kinds of attacks you might fall victim to without even knowing. For instance, your keyboard might be tracked via keylogger, or you might be duped with a phishing page and all your sensitive details might get leaked, or you might hit a website which injects malware into your system. Hence, you need to be careful while carrying out online activities.

Visit Trusted Sites

You should make sure that you open only trusted sites. In some sites it is extremely important, like in online casinos for example, where you deposit money. Only Visit trusted casino sites with a clear policy of private data and cookies. Therefore, you can sure of not getting infected on such sites.

Visit Sites With Https

The basic difference between the Http and Https is an extra letter ‘s’ which represents that the site has got an SSL certificate and is secured. Sites like these are the safes place on the internet. You should keep a watch on this while surfing the internet.

Visit Sites That Have Secured Payment Portals

While making any payments online, you need to be very attentive and run a thorough check on the authenticity of the website. Make sure that the website uses a renowned and rusted payment portal so that your money can be transferred safely.

Visit Sites with Antivirus Protection

Various sites which prefer to stay away from the virus and malware online, adapt the usage of antivirus. While surfing at these sites you won’t have to be worried about your system getting attacked. Hence, you should try to access sites which have a good antivirus protection.

So these were some of the measure you could take in order to protect yourself online. I’m sure you’ll adapt a couple of these tips and secure yourself from the malicious sites on the internet.


Vishal Gaikar

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