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Android apps make up for the most of Fame that Android has garnered. After all it is for the amazing apps that people like Android smartphones. One may find myriads of apps for a single theme only, quite interesting eh? So if you’re looking forward to know about How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phones then here are 6 android screenshot apps!


“Duhh! I Can Click A Snapshot, Why Do I Need An App For That?”

The older android devices (with Android 2.3 and below OS) weren’t capable of taking screenshots. Whereas the newer versions (Android 4.0 and above) are capable of taking screenshots using a combination of keys. So if you can click snapshot from your android, good! If you can’t, then stick to the article!

Android apps for snapshots are one of the useful apps to help you click images of things, which are not images itself (not really!). Found that confusing? Let me explain it, assume you just got an email (rather an important one!) and you have to take a back up of whatever context was in it. But wait, you don’t have the option in the email to save it *Shucksss* now what? Well, if you had an app to click snapshot in android, you wouldn’t have to worry! Cause you can click screen shot of anything you want to at any given time, provided it was displayed in your android.

Take a Screenshot on Android With These Apps

Probably anything! Yea right, you can click a snap of anything such as a part of IM chat, an in-session game etc. It’s more like a handy way to click a proof of something in real time. Perhaps you can use it to share stuff around with your friends, there are just so many ways to use the snapshots!

Best Android Screenshot (Snapshot) Apps

1. Screenshot ER Demo

Screenshot ER demo

Screenshot ER is a free app that lets you take screenshots on a rooted android device. The app is user friendly and offers a couple of fancy features that makes clicking a snapshot all the way more easy. You can click snaps of almost anything on the phone (as per its claim). Also you can edit, rotate and/or flip, rename images accordingly.

The downside? Apart from the fact that it works on a rooted android phone, the demo version puts up a watermark in the screenshots. So it’s entirely upto you whether you can work with a watermarked screenshot or not. Demo version is free but comes along with watermark thingy, whereas Pro version is paid and comes without the watermark. It’s your call now!

2. Screenshot


Screenshot app by LOVEKARA is another app that makes it easy for you to take screenshots. An android user can click a shot by touching the shot icon, or use power button along with volume down button in concert. The user also gets the option to save the shot in their desired folder. Apart from this you can also make minor changes to the snapshot via the app itself.

The downside? Again, this app is for Android OS 4.0 and below, but the device needs to be rooted. If your device is not rooted and below 4.0 OS, then the app won’t be able to click snapshots. Well at least this app doesn’t watermark the screenshot, so much for a shot!

3. No Root Screenshot It

No Root Screenshot It

Like the name suggests, this app facilitates the snapshot process but without rooting the android device. You don’t need to root your android phone, still you can take screenshot from it. *Aaaaah.. breath of fresh air, innit?*

The downside? It’s a paid app! *Bummer* If you don’t mind paying for it, then its a sure shot winner. But this app uses a desktop app, which is to be installed on your Mac or Windows system. This desktop app needs to be run with your android connected to your laptop, which will let you take screenshots. It’s not the ideal app to take a snapshot, especially when you want to take one while on the go! Oh BTW this app is by Edward Kim, so look out for it while searching the app.

4. EverSnap(ScreenShot for Root)


EverSnap, another app which is for rooted Android devices. The interesting part? you have to shake your phone in order to take a screenshot (sounds fun wohoooooo!). The fun isn’t over yet, you can also share the snapshot with your friend.

The downside? Firstly one needs to root their android. Moreover a lot of people have complained that the snapshots are of low quality, blurred and the app hosts a lot of ads. I’d rather pass it.

5. Screenshot HD

Screenshot HD

If you want to take screenshots in HD, then Screenshot HD would be your ideal app to do so. The app lets you click screenshots of videos, apps, images, games etc. You can take a snapshot by shaking your android phone, adjust the capture time, play a sound while capturing the screenshot.

The downside? The android device needs to be rooted for this app to work. Moreover this version (free!) is ad-supported. So if you want to skip awful bunch of ads popping up in your android, then head over to buy Screenshot HD PRO. (Yea! you heard me right, ad-free version is paid)

6. Screenshot Ultimate Pro

Screenshot Ultimate Pro

Another “Pro” app that lets you take snapshot on your unrooted device. It lets you take snapshot by either shaking the phone, tapping icon, or camera button. Also did we mention that you don’t have to root the phone? (Yupp! we did when we said unrooted device). Being a Pro version, it’s ad-free.

The downside?

It’s PAID! But it is available at a nominal price.

Apart from a few things that might bother you, there isn’t much that you can do to take snapshots in older android OS. You just got to use these 6 apps to take screenshots in android devices (with OS 2.3 and below) or better yet switch over to the new Android.

Do share the apps that you use to Take a Screenshot on Android phones.


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