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Review of: ASKME
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Vishal Gaikar

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On July 14, 2014
Last modified:April 30, 2016


ASKME android app is useful to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play, read reviews from an active community of locals in your neighborhood and take informed decisions.

The versatile and dynamic App ASKME on your Android phone presents you a world of facilities and information about classified ads merchants and listings, best deals in the market and many more.


This is an absolutely free android application that eases your search for anything that hammers your mind. You can look for the best restaurants that offer you lavish and sumptuous delicacies or even the best garment store to dress you in the current vogue.

ASKME Android App – Review

ASKME Android App is easily downloadable on your smartphone handset and hence you can relish a seamless and unflustered search of places to drink, eat, recreate, play or even shop for furniture’s seeing the best store in your nearby market.

You can also spend time reading reviews from locals or communities in your society and be in touch with the local happenings through the ASKME Android App.

Apart from the interesting features provided by ASKME Android app there are numerous useful uses of it. It enables you to look for jobs and businesses in the locality and society. It also gives you a hint of the enticing deals in market that can prove beneficial for your business.


Its uses dilate in all fields including navigating through the latest classifies advertisements on real estates, mobiles, cars etc. Apart from the business and entertainment information ASKME Android simplifies your pick such as opening hours, ratings and methods of payment

The useful application ASKME keeps you updated with the latest offers and deals and enables you to add reviews, tips or photos to promote your business. It helps you make your own lists of favorite jobs and businesses and read reviews on other god corporates and businesses in your locality and city and thus get a brief about it.

The App is indeed fruitful as it comes compact in your pocket sized smartphone and is completely free. Don’t just read and expand your knowledge and share it with everyone acquainted with the App. Share your favorite business with all your friends via social sharing space like Facebook and Twitter or even shoot a message or email.

Business and jobs are the prime attractions of the app but it is propelled with information about other interesting things in life. Know about the nearest spa or filing meals and food outlets in the city using your ASKME Android app. The smooth and easy interface provided by this alluring App helps you to access all the information easily.


It is a cool and trendy app that eases your search and is the best so far to look for different searches. This user friendly app gives accurate information and suffices most of your queries. So look up the phone numbers and addresses from your contact and ping them instantly through this cool app..

The user interface is extremely easy and cozy to use and you won’t feel troubled at all. You can input the data easily and get the output within seconds. The bold interface displays accurate information for almost everything you are looking for. You can easily download it and it is compatible with any Android version after the version 2.2

This highly useful app runs on an easy user interface and is easily downloadable from the Google Play Store. It is completely free and is being promoted by the Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor. It aims to offer an elite and cozy Android experience by delivering informative updates blended with novice features and notable functionality.

SO what are you waiting for? Download this useful app as quickly as possible with a few minutes from the Google Play Store and ease your search for entertainments places and workplace.

ASKME android app is useful to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play, read reviews from an active community of locals in your neighborhood and take informed decisions.

Vishal Gaikar

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