Top Apps that can Sync your PC to your Smartphone

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Here is the list of apps which can sync your PC to your smartphone. More and more people are opting for smartphones or tablets as the devices of choice when it comes to business and other jobs. Smartphones are capable of many things including multitasking and the ability to access one’s data anywhere.

One can work on the smartphone or update’s one’s data on the go. This data can then be synced with one’s computer so that the data gets updated no matter which device one chooses to work with. Many apps have been developed which have this ability incorporated into their programming.


Office Mobile


Office Mobile allows you to keep your Microsoft Office documents in sync between your PC and your smartphone. This app acts as the portable version of the Office suite we see in PC.

The basic functions have been slimmed to facilitate work in a smartphone and the use of this app requires subscription to the Office 365 suite. Users of Microsoft Office and SkyDrive will find this app especially useful.


My Phone Explorer


This is a very simple app made for a singular purpose. This app simply syncs your contacts over all your devices so that you can never be lost whilst searching for somebody’s contact information. It manages your smartphone contacts as well as your Outlook contacts.

Thus, you can easily switch or change your phone without the hassle of resaving your contacts on the new one. This can also come in handy in case you misplace your device.

Browser Sync

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is available for a wide variety of devices including smartphones and PCs. Apart from the browsing capabilities of Chrome, which are quite excellent, the app lets you sync your browser details like bookmarks and favorites all across the devices you use.

All it takes is an account at Google which is completely free and the password gives you complete access to the wide variety of services offered by Google. This app is available for both android and iOS.

Windows Live Mesh


This is an app developed by Microsoft and its functions are similar to that of Google Chrome. First and foremost, the app enables you to sync your Internet Explorer bookmarks, favorites and settings. Other than that, the app lets you sync other Microsoft details like Office templates and also folders via SkyDrive.

Multimedia Files


Dropbox is a cloud storage solution which also has syncing capabilities. The app lets you store important folders, files and documents in a cloud server. Whenever those items are modified, the files get updated automatically and this update is reflected in all the devices the Dropbox account is connected to.


You can therefore upload videos on your smartphone and view them later on your PC. Dropbox is free but one needs to buy extra space if required. The great thing about this app is that it is available for almost all Operating Systems including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Blackberry OS.

Simple Sync

This is another simple app which, as the name itself states helps one in syncing one’s files across phones and PCs over and Wi-Fi connection. The app allows for simple transfer between a smartphone and the PC of multimedia files like photos and videos along with documents.


This app can also facilitate transfer of files between two smartphones with this app installed on them. The app also stores vital information like contacts on your PC for easy retrieval in case one misplaces one’s phone.




This is a wonderful app which has slowly become the indisputable leader in the market when it comes to a note app. This app has many tremendously useful functions most of which we do not need to know at the moment. What needs to be known is that a variety of devices and Operating Systems support this incredible app. Moreover its syncing capabilities are awesome.

All it takes is one simple Evernote account and all your notes are kept in perfect sync over all your devices which have Evernote installed in them. You can also install Evernote on PCs and Macs. Available for both android and iOS users.



This app helps in syncing your calendars over multiple devices. This works in perfect tandem with the iOS calendars but this app has been developed for Android. Now you can sync your Android calendar to your iOS device. This is something that was not easy before. In order to use it you need an iCloud account. Now through that account you can seamlessly sync the two calendars.

Summing Up

Trying to improve the one’s productivity through the use of smartphones can be a hassle sometimes especially if one does not know which app to use. Hopefully now you have gained a better idea as to the apps which you require.


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