Top Money Saving Apps You Must Use in 2019

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You may have heard about moneymaking apps. Then, do you know about money-saving apps? If not, then you are reading the right article. There is no doubt about the same. When you use such apps, it will help you put aside money for emergencies, thus making it easier on your budget. If you use these applications in the right way, it will improve your finances with time.

Money Saving Apps

According to an article published on Huffingtonpost, the money-saving apps do all the work to manage your finances like a pro. Some apps get the refunds automatically when prices drop on the products that you have already bought. It is disappointing to see that an item you purchased today is available at an areduced price after a day or two. These apps monitor retailers who cut back the price of a product that you have already bought. The applications go one-step ahead and get in touch with the retailer to get the price difference back without you having to do anything.

Then, you should choose the right mobile apps carefully. Take some time out of your busy schedule to research on apps. Pick out the ones with positive user ratings. For your better understanding, here is a list of the best money-saving apps you must use in 2019:


When it comes to Digit, it monitors all things related to your money. It means both your earnings and expenses. After a thorough assessment, the app recommends a savings plan fit for your lifestyle. The application will withdraw an amount automatically into your savings account that fetches a yearly interest of one percent. You will need to shell out an annual fee of $2.99 but only after a trial period, and if the app suits your needs. Then, you will save an amount that is worth the annual charge. There is no doubt about the same. If you are not satisfied with the app, there is nothing to worry. It offers a 100-day money back assurance to you.

Since the app will evaluate your income and expenses, the money withdrawn will hardly have an impact on your budget. It is one of the greatest benefits of Digit. The amount will differ depending on time. Let us clarify this point with the help of a fitting example. Say, for example, week one of a month needs you to pay a huge amount on bills. In that case, the app will withdraw less money. On the contrary, when in week two, you have fewer expenses or payments to clear, the app will withdraw more money.

The app transfers an average of $18 but the amount may vary from $5 to $30. If you consider $18, you will save $235.71 in a year’s time.


The app helps you to save money in various ways. No matter what you purchase and how many times in a month, Acorns will round the sum up to the next dollar. It means $4.35 will become $5. Then, the app will automatically invest the savings according to the frequency you have set up. You can also make manual investments and deposit the amount you choose to pick. If you have taken money out from a lender after studying the debt settlement reviews, Acorns will prove handy so that you can save more money to pay off your debts quickly.

When you sign up, get a bonus of $5. Remember to connect your bank details with the app and then complete your financial and personal profiles. Set up your investment portfolio and take part in Acorns and related offers such as refer a friend, shopping rewards, retirement accounts, and debit cards. Pay a monthly charge of $1, not necessary if you happen to be a student. You can set up at least five portfolios. The amount you save depends on factors like your portfolio.

Chime Bank

When you transact with banks and use different services, you end up paying numerous fees or charges. Then, you can save money on fees when you opt for Chime Bank. The app usually charges zero fees from the users because it has no brick-and-motor set up. It is all online. All you need to do is open an account with your email details and related information. The app will verify your details and you are all set to use Chime Bank. It is simple and easy once your account is verified and approved.

After approval, your debit card will be sent to you. You will receive the same within 10 days or so. There are many benefits of Chime Bank such as cash backs on the debit card, an opt-in feature to transfer 10 percent of direct deposits to your savings, round up to the next dollar like Acorns, and rewards of a 10 percent bonus on the roundups. For example, if your round up value is $6, Chime Bank will give you $0.50 as a reward.


It is apt for beginners and a great investment advisor. Stash will help you make the best investments depending on your income and financial condition. You will need to shell out $5 initially and get $5 as a sign-up bonus. You’re expected to pay any commission fee. It means the amount you pay is returned to you as a sign-up bonus.

If you make an investment of less than $5,000, the fee is $1 per month, though the first month is free. The fee is nominal. When your account reaches $5,000, you will need to shell out 0.25 percent of your account every year. It is just $12.50 for each year for a portfolio of $5,000, which is insignificant.

The amount of money you save through Stash depends on your investments and which stocks you have chosen. You can make up to $2,840 in a year. So if you are new to money-saving, this is the app for you. It is easy to use and understand.


Now that you know about these apps, choose the best one that suits your financial needs. Stay financially stable this year using the apps.



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