How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

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Root Samsung Galaxy S3 with this article. So you have a brand new, shiny Samsung Galaxy S3 and want to have complete control over the software. Under normal circumstances, this is not possible due to restricted access put into the device by the manufacturer.

Rooting allows us to gain privilege over the phone so we can fully customize of the device. This will open the door to loading more powerful and interesting applications than can be found on the Google Play store.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3

There are risks associated with ‘Root Samsung Galaxy S3‘ process. We’ll be exposing and tinkering with the firmware of the device. This could cause irreparable harm. In addition, by installing software on a rooted machine you may be making yourself vulnerable to attack by an unscrupulous hacker. Are you still interested and want to Root Samsung Galaxy S3? Here’s how to get it done in five easy steps.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Guide :

Step One:

Download Samsung Kies and ensure that you have up-to-date drivers on your computer and phone. Save all of your important information onto the computer in case something goes wrong. Next, disconnect the phone from the computer, and then download Odin 3 and CF-Root-SGS3-vX.X. These will allow you to modify the firmware and root the system, respectively.

Step Two:

Extract all the files in the Odin 3 and CF-Root archives. Do not make the mistake of extracting the .TAR file that comes out of the CF-Root archive. Leave it alone since it will be extracted automatically during the installation process. Windows will probably give it the same icon as a compressed .ZIP archive, but you can ignore it. We will not be able to load the rooting program if this is not a .TAR file.

Step Three:

Open the Odin program. Open the file browser by clicking the PDA button on the right side. Now you can find the .TAR file from step two and load it into Odin 3.

Step Four:

Set the device to download mode. To do this, shut your phone down completely. Then press the volume down, home, and power buttons all at once and hold them. This will boot the phone into a screen asking you if you want to enter download mode. Press volume up to agree to this.

Step Five (Last step to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 ):

Now you need to hook the phone back up to the PC. Odin will now show the message “Added” in the bottom left. Ensure that the boxes “Auto Reboot” and “Reset Time” are selected. Now click the Start button.

Your phone will take over, rebooting and installing the root. Once it finishes, the phone will automatically reload the operating system. If it does not seem to follow these processes, then try step 4 again.

That’s all, my Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 guide finished here! Congratulations! You now have root access on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Rooting has given you access to customization of your phone that was previously restricted. Enjoy tinkering with your device!


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