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This time it is smartphone, Amazon did it again. Amazon never leaves an opportunity to materialize an improvement scope into a product or service. This vision is what makes them different from other contemporaries.


Amazon identified the need of an e-book reader and created Kindle and manufactured a different class of tablets. This time they identified the need of a smartphone which has an eye for details, smarter features to equip user for shopping, gaming, reading etc., no more hassles in finding websites, contacts or finding music. There is a provision of doing all this by a shot cut method.

Amazon Fire Phone is a bundle of amazing features, something that users have never experienced with their smartphones yet. Amazon Fire Phone runs on Fire OS and that is where it derives its name from. This phone offers shot cuts to recognize, review and add products to cart just by simple clicks. It makes shopping experience on phone hassle free. There are three much talked about features that no other smartphone offers:

Dynamic Perspective

This 3D perspective gives Fire Phone an edge over other smartphones in the market. It is a custom designed sensor system that responds to how customers hold, view and move their phone.

This perspective makes gaming experience more engaging. This brings new life to maps as user can move 90 degree right or left and can see the place as it would appear if they were physically present there.

Peek adds more details to these maps by merging detailing like restaurant and their rating. Immersive apps and games is another feature that this dynamic perspective offers. Two most talked about features under this detailing are:

  • One handed navigation: This feature allows user to use this phone single handedly, as it recognizes the way user holds, views and moves this phone and opens task bar accordingly. Most of the tasks are performed just by a single click.
  • Auto Scroll: This is a feature that all e-book readers who use tablet will envy. Just by tilting the phone up wards or downwards one can scroll any document or file. One can read the entire e-book without touching the screen.

Firefly Technology

Firefly is the technology which equips this phone to have an eye for details. Just by a click on this app user gets the details about movies, music, TV serials. It also enables user to add these to their download list and watch list.

Firefly identifies printed texts on posters, magazines, business cards etc, it captures details like email addresses, website address, phone numbers and opens actionable to get details of that item, make call, send email and visit websites. This detailing is magical. Music lovers would love this phone as it identifies music and can provide details of artist, album and from where you could buy or download it.



Amazon’s world famous customer service is now available on just a click for every Fire Phone customer. This is free, live on device tech support. All that users need to do is hit Mayday app on their Fire Phone and an Amazon tech expert will help via a live video. They can co-pilot user through any feature by drawing on their screen. Turn around for this world class service is 15 seconds or less. So user need not wait.

Other features include 2.2 GHz Quad core processor, 2GB RAM, two internal memory variants 32 GB and 64 GB. 13 MP primary camera, 2.1 secondary camera with LED Flash. 4.7 inches IPS LCD screen with 312ppi screen resolution.

Soon this world class technology equipped handset would hit Indian market and estimated price for this is INR 38000 for 32GB internal memory variant.


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