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Here is the detailed comparison of iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III. The smartphone that has the credentials to cease the dominance of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the market is finally here. Yes, you guessed it right, its Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, iPhone 5. Commercially launched in May 2012, Samsung’s Galaxy S III invaded the smartphone market by storm with its distinct design and innovative features. On the flip side, it also benefited from the delayed launch of iPhone 5, which was deemed to be Samsung’s biggest rival.

Analyzing the stats and reviews, it is ascertain that the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will certainly be the contenders for the Smartphone of the Year title.


Apple’s iPhone 5 was officially unveiled in September 2012 amid much fanfare and media hype. After months of speculation and rumors, iPhone 5 finally hit the ground running. On the other hand, Samsung had long been working on the prospect of developing a smartphone that could rival the iPhone.

More so, the Samsung Galaxy S III was put into an 18-month development phase so that it could be perfected the final model. It development phase certainly proved to be pivotal as it turned out to be the best phone ever to be designed from the house of Samsung.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

So, with the rivals going head to head in the smartphone marketplace, let’s eat up some time comparing the features and functions of these one-of-a-kind devices. So here is the detailed comparison of iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III.

Design & Display

With larger 4.8 inch super HD AMOLED display, the S III has a slight edge over the iPhone which boasts a 4-inch Retina Display. The iPhone 5 scores over the S III in terms of weight and thickness, as it weighs a mere 112 grams and is 7.6 millimeters thick. On the other hand, the S III is slightly heavier and thick weighing in about 133 grams with a diameter of 8.6 millimeters.

On the display front, both the phones pretty much cancel each other’s capabilities, as the two phones sport a brilliant display portraying high-quality images and graphics.

Multimedia Features

In terms of multimedia options, the two phones cancel out each other. Both the phones boast an 8 megapixel rear camera capable of shooting videos at 1080 pixels, but certainly the S III has additional rear camera options like autofocus, zero shutter lag, simultaneous high-definition video and image recording.

On the front, the S III has a 1.9 megapixel camera capable of shooting high-definition videos at 30 frames per second with zero shutter lag. Whereas the iPhone 5 sports slightly lesser 1.2 megapixel front camera, which is capable of recording high-definition videos at 720 pixels. The only major difference on the camera front is that the iPhone 5’s iSight camera can capture panoramic images up to 240 degrees.


In terms of connectivity, the Galaxy S III leads the pack with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi 802.11, NFC, and Micro USB on-the-go. The iPhone 5 has introduced new Lightning connector dock that enables faster data transfer, while it lags behind S III as it does not have NFC and Wi-Fi Direct capabilities.

When it comes to compatible networks, both the phones are compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks, while also supporting GSM models. On the storage front, both the phones offer storage capacities of up to 64 gigabytes.

Reliability & Performance

The Galaxy SIII is powered by a 1.5 gigahertz Krait processor, whereas the iPhone 5 is powered by the Apple’s custom-made revolutionary A6 processor, which offers a faster graphics and CPU performance. iPhone 5 runs on Apple’s newly developed iOS 6, which again is custom made for iPhone 5 and set to incorporate an array of new innovations and features.

On the apps front, both the phones have access to abundant apps from their respective app stores, namely the App Store and Google Play. The Galaxy S III being an Android phone has access to a host of Google Services along with Google Maps, which is devoid in the iPhone 5.


When it comes to innovation it is evenly balanced out. For the iPhone 5, there are a lot of innovative features included like the custom made A6 processor, iOS 6, and newly designed Apple Maps that offer turn-by-turn navigation.

For the S III, intelligent features like Smart Stay, Direct Call, Smart Alert, Social Tag, and S Voice heightens the bar against the iPhone 5. Certainly, both the phones are not short of innovative features.

Final Verdict : iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Having spent ample time in development phase both the phones have come out in flying colors. With contrasting features and one-of-a-kind innovations, both the phones will have to battle it out for the title of Best Smartphone, with closest competitor lagging these two by a country mile.

The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are two astonishing smartphones that are second to none. These two phones are simply in a league of their own. If you want to buy phone between these two then I will recommend to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III for sure. What you think? Which phone is the best in iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III? Share your views with us.


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