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Apple has rolled out iOS 5 beta 6 with no more remarkable features and updates. The Cupertino technology firm has just mentioned that the new beta version of its landmark iOS 5 update will contain some bug fixes and software improvements. The new beta update that weighs in around 144MB is available for Apple developers over-the-air (OTA). Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that run on iOS 5 beta 3 or higher will support the sixth beta version of iOS 5.

Along with iOS 5 beta 6, Apple also unveiled iTunes 10.5 beta 6 that will work with the latest iOS beta version. Apple iOS 5 beta 6 is part of Apple’s efforts to polish its new iOS update, which was announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2011 in June. Apple used to bring out several beta versions for its new iOS updates before their public release. The company is expected to roll out iOS 5 this fall with some innovative features and capabilities.

Install iOS 5 Beta 6 :

To install the latest iOS 5 beta version, you need to install iTunes 10.5 beta 6. As in the case of iOS 5 beta 5, Apple does not recommend the developers to wipe the device to install iOS 5 beta 6. But analysts request developers to backup their devices in iTunes before starting the installing process. Once the update is over, users can retrieve their documents.

iOS 5 Beta

Apple announced the fifth version of its iOS mobile software with some incredible features at WWDC 2011. The then Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared a pick of cutting-edge features with the new iOS update. The features include an advanced Notification Center, iMessages, Game Center, Newsstand and much more.

To top it all, iOS 5 will debut the so-called iCloud cloud service of Apple. Along with iOS 5, Apple had announced its much-awaited iCloud at the WWDC 2011. Apple iCloud is the company’s exclusive cloud server-based media service. You can keep images, documents, contacts and many other details stored in iCloud. The details can be accessed from any Apple devices from anywhere, anytime.

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, expected for release this fall, will reportedly debut iOS 5 and iCloud. It means that Apple might be in the final stages of polishing the new iOS update. As per reports, there might be a couple of beta versions for the software before its official launch this fall. The company launched iOS 5 beta 5 on August 6. That means in one month Apple brought out two beta versions for its iOS 5. Maybe it will be an indicator of the sooner arrival of the new iOS software update from Apple.

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