Sugar Crush HD : The Most Addictive Match-Three Game

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Now crush Sugar candies on your smartphones and tablets by playing Sugar Crush HD. The game is quite similar to the Candy Crush game and there is sugar present In place of candies in this game.


Sugar Crush HD is another game which will make your tongue go wet while you are playing it. Swap candies against each other if you see three or more candies of the same category adjacent to each other swap them with each other and the candies will explode thus bring you high scores and raising your levels.

Sugar Crush HD game is similar in some features with other matching three candies game but one feature which makes this game awesome is that you need not to wait for your friends to accept the requests for lives in this game because you will never run out of lives in this game.

Sugar Crush HD Game review

Yes, there is no hassle of limited number of lives in this game and you will get unlimited lives in this game. So, you also don’t need to spam Facebook profiles of your friends with the request for more lives, just pure sweet game play.

This is the HD version of this game and you will surely enjoy this game on your tablets and smartphones. The board present in the game is completely filled with amazing candies which are waiting to get swapped and crushed by you.

The graphics of the Sugar Crush HD are simply amazing. Different candies and amazing sweets will surely transform you into a sugar addict and you won’t be able to control yourself from playing this game as this is really an addictive game.


Create as many as sets of same candies as this will bring you more and more scores and you will be easily able to reach higher levels by crushing more and more sugar candies. If you are a true addict of sugar you will definitely enjoy this game and special bonus candies are present in this game for you such as candy pack bombs, chocolate color bombs and the favorite rainbow sweets.

If you see any of these sweets together try to combine these sweets with each other as they will bring you huge bonuses and you will be able to clear your levels easily by swapping these candies with each other.

You will never run empty of sugar as the two owners of a special sugar candy shop, Poppy and Lolly are present to provide you new candies every day. There are 4 episodes present in this game and you will be thrilled to hear that there are more than 216 levels which are waiting to get completed by you.


Updates are regularly provided of this game and with each new update, new levels and features are added in the game. Connect the game with your Facebook account and show off your scores and find out who scored the highest.

This game is only available for iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones for now. There is no PC version available of this game for now, however if you want to play this game on your PC you will be able to play it using Bluestacks shortly. Another great feature of this game is that you can also skip levels in this game.

So, if you tried a lot in clearing a certain level and if you are not able to clear one then simply skip it and play the next level. It’s simple as that. Along with great graphics amazing sound effects are also present in this game and swapping different kinds of candies will produce amazing sounds in the game.

Moreover as we already mentioned that there is no limit on number of lives a user gets in a day, Sugar Crush HD looks like a complete winner.

Candy crush Saga was a great hit among Android smartphones and iDevices, now let’s see if Sugar Crush HD is also loved by sugar lovers. If you are playing this game please leave a short review of the game and remember don’t play too much that you get diabetes.


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