Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone Launches With 5-Inch FHD Display

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Smartphone’s are now used by every person due to the comfort and ease provided by it. Normally, there are several of ways through which one can utilize through the smart phones. There is always a craze among people to buy new phones and in this list Mi4 of Xiaomi is also listed.


Xiaomi Mi4 officially announced as the new Smartphone at the launch party in China. It is amazingly designed and there are several of changes made internally and externally in it.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi4

There are several of Smartphone available in a market and due to this people use to confuse among all that how to select the one and which is suitable for them. If you are also confused then you must check the features and specification of a cell phone. When it is about Xiaomi Mi4 then one finds excellent features that use to include following:

  • Unfathomable polish and craftsmanship along with the outline of stainless steel.
  • Processor- Quad core Snapdragon 801 chipset
  • Memory- 64GB internal memory and 3GB RAM
  • Display- 5 x 1080p IPS ant 845 of NTSC that is high color gamut
  • Rear Camera- 13MP with f1.8, HDR, 4K recording
  • Front Camera- 8MP with 80 degree wider angle andf1.8
  • Battery- 3080mah battery, 5v/2a and 9v/2a speedy charging
  • Other- Swappable back plate

These are some specifications that are inbuilt in the Xiaomi Mi4 and by this one can easily understand that what quality features it use to possess. There are many cell phones in the market that are available with the excellent features but this phone is available at the cheap rate with excellent features. If you are still confused then you can go for the detail specification which will let you know all about the Xiaomi Mi4.


External Design and Features

There is a new metal frame that is used on boundary that use to offer the premium feel and its back is of fiber but there is one exception. Now in Xiaomi Mi4 you get the facility to change the back cover that are available in different shades including bamboo, wood, leather, fabric, black and other options.

The front side of the Xiaomi Mi4 possesses that three buttons that are used for back, recent and home like the other android system possess. There is also one new thing in this handset and it is that it is going to add some MUI skin that use to support some of the top application in China.

Internal Design Structure

When talking about internal structure, it uses to possess the Snapdragon 801 quad core processor along with the 3GB RAM and 64 GB storage internally. It possesses the 3080mAh battery and along with this it uses to offer the quick charging system too.


Its camera quality is superb as it possess the rear camera of 13MP along with the f/1.8lens and also with the f/1.8 lens it use to provide 8MP front camera along with the 80 degree FOV. Its front camera is really awesome and provide super click.


If you are having passion to buy Smartphone then this is the correct cell for you as it use to possess everything that is required by you. This phone is available in highly competitive prices and all the features that it possesses cannot be achieved at the given price in any other phone.

Along with this one must know that Xiaomi is known by its name and therefore if you are selecting this phone then you are not making any mistake. So without any doubt buy Xiaomi Mi4.


Vishal Gaikar

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