8 Top Web Design Mistakes That Small Businesses Must Avoid

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It is challenging for small business owners and start-ups to promote their businesses in today’s competitive markets and a daunting task to increase their web presence substantially in order to market their products and services worldwide. Many times these small business owners have set up a website, which they feel is perfectly acceptable, but the website is unable to get them much returns or  even new clients and are confused as to why this happens.

Web Design Mistakes

The reason for this is that their business website lacks optimal performance and if they would just avoid some common web designing mistakes by hiring expert web designers, their web presence and traffic would be enhanced. Here are some web designing mistakes that small businesses owners can avoid to get top rankings for their website on popular search engines.

1. Search engine unfriendly web design

Generally, small businesses create a website simply to have a presence online with no thought to whether it is search engine friendly or effectively promoting their business. Flash websites may appear pretty, it is difficult to index it in search engines.

Even if your introduction contains quality and relevant data, Flash poses a hurdle for visitors when accessing that data. Additionally, the presence of introduction animations acts as a barrier between the potential customers and the information that they are searching for.

So, even if you find implementing Flash economical, avoid using it when designing your website, and instead choose a design that is search engine friendly.

2. Absence of plans and targets when designing a website

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is not defining their goals when creating a website. It’s essential to have some targets and plans set that will convert the visitors that come to your website into customers. Do not add unnecessary details and features when designing your site.

Ask professionals from well known web design companies for good guidance when setting productive plans and creating good features to enhance your web presence.

3. Poorly written content

Generally, small business owners have plenty of tasks to manage on a tight budget so quite often, they end up writing most of the content of their website and products all by themselves. As they are not professional writers, their content is full of grammatical errors, because of the presentation the website’s visitor’s switch to another website for their requirements.

So, it is better to hire professional writers or proofreaders to have quality and engaging content on your website.

4. Lacking a call to action

If visitors, after landing on a web page, are unable to find the exact information and details that they are looking for, they may switch to the next website. If you place features that calls to action on your business website, visitors of your site are more likely to choose an action instead of switching to another site.

5. Presence of non-interactive designs

Non-interactive designs are not engaging enough to keep visitors hooked to your website. If your website contains interactive features, your visitors will find the site engaging and user-friendly.

If you are developing an E-commerce website, various interactive features enable your visitors to find what they are looking for easily and quickly. Inclusion of various interactive designs will convert your visitors into customers and increase your product sales.

6. High scrolling pages

Generally, web surfers do not like large size pages in which they need to scroll a lot in order to get their desired content or information. Secondly, oversized web pages consist of stale text, which try visitors’ patience and compel them to switch to the next website.

An engaging website would have simple and normal web pages with effective layout containing all essential information and concepts in a short and simple format. Guidance of talented and experienced web designers from the best website design companies can help you to create appropriate-sized web pages.

7. Ignoring search engine optimization

No website can attract visitors all by itself. Your business website needs to be placed high on popular search engines in order to reach the potential customers effectively.

This can be achieved by using search engine optimization techniques.  Search engine optimization is an effective process of enhancing online visibility of a website, by finding keywords which your potential customers are more likely to use to find your products, using these key terms in certain areas of content, and building quality links to your website. You can boost the ranking of your website on various search engines by hiring search engine experts to optimize your website.

8. Greater number of clicks

Many small business websites require visitors to click and double click several times to go through the content on each webpage. Make sure that you keep the number of clicks, which are imperative for visitors to browse your site, at a minimum so that it becomes easier for the visitor to find out what they are looking for easily, quickly, and without any hassles.

If you avoid these eight mistakes and use effective web design techniques when designing a website for your small business, you can definitely experience tremendous increase in your product sales. Eventually, having a brilliant website will elevate your business brand in the current competitive market.


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