Which Suits You Better? iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina Display

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iPad Air and iPad mini 2 are both on hot sale lately. If you are hesitant about buying which one, then Amanda White who works at New voucher and has bought iPad Air and iPad mini 2 both recently may have some comments to make.


The fact you should know first is that iPad Air and iPad mini 2 grow from the same tree. They have the same configure including A7 processor, Retina display with the same distinguishability, 5 mega-pixel camera, improved face-time camera at the front, 10 hours of battery backup and the same fuselage surface color. The major differences between these two lie in the price and the size.

Seek for productivity: Choose iPad Air

iPad mini 2 is not suitable for all tasks. If you like to type on iPad, then the Air with bigger screen means bigger virtual keyboard size so that it makes keyboard input easier. Comparatively, iPad mini 2 will be your ideal choice if you want to read e-books.

Want to save money: Choose iPad Mini 2

If you do not need a bigger screen, then buying an iPad mini 2 can save up to $100. For those saving budget, you can use them to purchase some accessories like protective cases.

Intend to use keyboard protector: Choose iPad Air

It is not that good to use the keyboard protector of mini for the buttons have been compressed in order to match its small fuselage surface. However, keyboard parts of the full sized iPad Air are quite the opposite.

Worry about making the wrong choice?

This is the best part, that is, you will not make the wrong choice at all for these two iPad products are believed to be the best so far whatever the function, monitor or the design. So it does not matter whether you choose the iPad mini 2 or iPad Air because any of them will be sure to meet your demands of a tablet.

iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina Display?

Buy iPad mini 2 or iPad Air to your own taste and budget, taking productivity, money saving, keyboard parts and other factors into your consideration.


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