Microsoft Unveils SmartGlass Xbox One App for Android, iOS, Windows

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Microsoft has not improved only the Windows 8 and as many users claim it is not only that the Windows 8 is the push through at the moment for Microsoft but the Microsoft seems to concentrate on various other things also. The Microsoft has tried a lot of new things in the past few months.

Right from the release of Windows 8 OS to the phones; and also the 8.1 upgrade to Windows Phone and PCs. Additionally, the phablets, tablets, inclusion of apps and what not and what more.

There had been a plenty of changes and fortunately all of them are turning out viral and positive. There had been a lot of success stories with Microsoft in the past few months than there has been in the past few years. This however doesn’t end with the apps and OS.

SmartGlass Xbox One App for Android, iOS, Windows

Furthermore it has extended to the Game app Xbox for both phone users and PC users. Microsoft has officially announced that the SmartGlass app for the Xbox One Games for all the three major platforms like Windows, iOS and Android is available for download now. This is indeed very happy news.


All the game-maniacs might be well versed with the terms like Smart Glass App or Xbox. However, here is a brief introduction about them for naïve and neophyte users. Xbox SmartGlass is one of the companion apps for the famous Xbox 360 and also Xbox One. It is compatible with all the Windows 8 devices, Windows RT based tablets, Windows Phone (with OS version 7.5+) & smartphones, the Windows Server 2012 version PCs, iPhones with iOS (5+) and also Android OS (4.0+) based smartphones.

It was initially announced by Microsoft in the third quarter of 2012 and was finally released on 26th October 2012 which was coinciding with the much awaited release of Windows 8. This app also connects with the Xbox 360 thus allowing more interaction based entertainment. This also allows mobile devices to potentially be serving as the second screens for users and also remote controller.

Now recently, Microsoft has released its second-screen SmartGlass application for the upcoming Xbox One game on many of the platforms this Tuesday. Microsoft has scheduled to release the Xbox One however on this Friday.


SmartGlass now adds another screen to the user experience. This will act as a midway screen between the second screen and the controller. The users should either download the SmartGlass as a complete Windows Phone application for their smart device or optionally as a Windows 8.1 app for their any Windows device.

The best part is that the app is available for download as special app for most of the Android 4.0+ smartphones and also the iOS. Microsoft has even released the SmartGlass apps that are useful for the basic Xbox 360 version for both the Android and iOS platforms.

The new update is not like the older ones where in the older SmartGlass apps were completely used to track all the progresses of the gamer friends of yours against all the well known own achievements. This SmartGlass app for the Xbox One will promise you much more than just that.

Microsoft further has said that SmartGlass app for one will now let users to search for and even pin content to their dashboard. It also allows users to navigate using a convenient onscreen keyboard. Furthermore the users can browse the Web – the feature that the previous SmartGlass app could also do and also to serve up resulting experiences through an app-by-app base.

We could very clearly see that the Windows Phone SmartGlass apps and the Windows 8.1 SmartGlass apps emerge to have more or less the matching capabilities. This can be made sure from the Microsoft’s descriptions on the same.

From my side on the user experience with the much rated Xbox One, as developer I have found that yet another keyboard may come in as a handy supplement to the in-built One’s voice commands and also the well known and used physical controller.

If you own a Windows 8.1 PC or any Windows Phone then this app is very nice to download and also download supplements to the Xbox One’s native capabilities. This app is worth a try.

SmartGlass Xbox One App for Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows 8.1 PC


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