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As the world’s newest superpower, it often seems as though Google is intent on delivering every tech-related service imaginable including Google Maps app in the list. These days, the company offers broadband internet, a digital library of books, private video sharing, and a social media site. It has a lab in California where engineers are working on intelligent refrigerators, household robots, and an elevator that goes into space. And, of course, the company offers email, a news aggregation service, and its original internet search site.

Google Maps App :

A similar theme of omnipresence extends to Google’s signature mapping platform, Google Maps app. Over the past few years, Google has been working towards the goal of, some day, covering every city and town in the world with its Street View application. This goal has already made it possible for users to view streetscapes of such cities as Tokyo, Sydney, Oklahoma City, and most places in between. Google Maps android download is free.

Now, Google is taking its mapping aspirations to a whole new realm: the great indoors. Starting this month, the company has rolled out a Google Maps on mobile application, available for Android users, that allows them to get instant maps of many popular indoor destinations. These include the Mall of America in Minneapolis, airports including O’Hare International and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, and retailers such as IKEA, The Home Depot, and Macy’s. The company plans to continue introducing new locations over the upcoming months. It has also unveiled indoor destinations in Japan.

When a user is in one of these public indoor places and accesses the app, they are immediately provided with a detailed map view of their location. This view acts just like a Google Map, but it includes gates, stores, and other small-scale destinations rather than buildings and roads. It also allows users to toggle through multiple floors of a shopping mall, store, or airport. When accessing the app, the user is immediately given a “You Are Here” marker from which they can navigate to their desired destination. Google promises the marker to be accurate to within just a couple meters.

For consumers, the application is a great way to navigate some of America’s most confusing landscapes: its indoor malls, airports, and department stores. For Google, on the other hand, this service is intended to create greater user dependence on their phones while they are on the go. This allows the company to collect more information and provide more targeted – and more potentially lucrative – advertisements. The app is expected to come out on the iPhone sometime early next year. I will be soon come with the Google Maps navigation BlackBerry.

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