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If social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg saw something in Instagram that prompted the social networking giant to cough out $1 billion, there must be really something remarkable in this photo-driven online community.


Every social media marketing company who has been keeping an eye out on the progress of this photo sharing network should be giddy right now as it just recently overtook Twitter in terms of daily mobile visitors.

Here are a few Instagram facts every social media agency should know:

  • 81 comments are generated per tick of the clock
  • 575 photos are “liked” every second
  • More than five million photos are uploaded daily
  • More than 4 billion photos have been uploaded to date
  • Over 80 million active Instagram users

Based on these statistics alone, it would be very difficult for a social media marketing company to ignore the potential of Instagram as a marketing tool. The question is not really whether you should use it as a marketing platform for your brand, but how well you use it.

A Visual Tool to Broadcast Company Milestones

Many marketers would agree that visual content hold more power than written content. Typically, people won’t really be interested to read a press release announcing your company milestones. But sometimes, it’s not really what you’re saying that does not interest the online audience; it’s how you say it.

Using Instagram, provides every social media agency with a more interesting and compelling channel to broadcasts the company milestones of their clients. Just shows that with the right image, you don’t need paragraphs of words to bring your audience into your world.

Allow Them Access to Things They Won’t Usually See

The term backstage access always connotes exclusivity and with Instagram, you can give your online community instant access to the things that happen behind the scenes. For a social media agency, this can be used to maintain a high level of engagement among its social followers.

For instance, a social media marketing company working for someone in the restaurant business can use Instagram to tease their customers about a new menu or a new dish. Those who are in fashion can use the said social platform to document the progress of a creation.

Photo Contest Are Always a Hit


There’s an Instagram joke that before, people say grace before a meal, but today, they take photos of their food and share it to their Instagram friends. People are photo crazy and a social media agency can use this to its advantage to cull user-generated content and boost the level of online brand engagement.

Photo contests are always a hit and as cliché as this execution is, its effectiveness has been proven again and again. When holding a photo competition, make sure that you optimize your content by asking participants to use a trending hashtag. Another option is come up with your own hashtag and if the photos go viral, your brand or business may be the next trending topic in Twitter.

Climbing to the Peak of Visual Marketing

Every social media marketing company has all the reasons to be excited about as Instagram gains momentum in terms of business use. Marketers believe that this is not the peak yet and the power of the said social networking site is yet to be harvested. It’s high time for you to develop an Instagram marketing strategy of your own.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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