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Even if you’ve been running your WordPress for a while now, you may be missing out on some really crucial parts in terms of WordPress SEO. Let me coach you step-by-step and explain what you need to do in order to considerably improve your site’s search engine rankings.


What’s more, there’s a $99 value giveaway (SEO Crash Course) in the very end of the post. So, you’ll be positively surprised down the road. That surprise will allow you to solve all the on-page issues that your WordPress most likely has.

First Things First

You need to install the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin because it takes care of most on-page SEO aspects that you need to consider while running your WordPress site. You can easily install the plugin as you usually do it with any other WordPress plugin. You can either just go to the WordPress Plugin directory and do it there or just go to Plugins -> Add new and install it right within your WordPress dashboard.


You need to properly configure your robots.txt file so that search engines and consequently your site visitors see the content you actually want them to. As in most cases dealing with WordPress, you just need to install the right plugin and set it up so that only the content that you want is accessible for search engines and your site visitors.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Also, you need to make sure  that your site is connected to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools because it allows to track all sorts of really useful info that you can use down the line in order to fine tune your content strategy and improve your rankings in search engines.

XML Sitemap

Other than keeping your site visitors in the know of what’s going on, you want to ensure that search engines see all your brand new content as well. You can use XML sitemap for that purpose and – as you might have guessed – you need to install the right plugin to make that happen automatically.

Keyword Research

Having taken care of everything mentioned above, you should start doing keyword research so that you create content (blog posts, etc) that people actually want to learn about. You can use lots of tools available out there, but the best and fastest way is to just use Google Keyword Planner that gives you a rather good idea of what keywords people use in Google while searching for specific info.

Once you’ve done your keyword research, you need to start creating content people actually want. Plus it’s a good idea to use both your target keyword in your posts or articles and its synonyms so that it looks as natural is it can possibly be. Keep in mind that SEO synonyms are not identical to grammatical synonyms.

Where to Use the Keyword

Other than using synonyms, you also need to use your exact match (target) keyword in the correct spots so that you get the biggest bang for your money. You need to use your keyword in the url of your post (user friendly URLs), its title and heading, actual page content (a few times alongside with synonyms).

Also, be sure to mention it in at least one image alt tag. You also want to make sure that you’re using  the right image file format (.gf, jpeg or .png) because otherwise your image will be either just of too low quality or plain overkill.

Using a relevant video will bump up your rankings as well. You can either just find a decent video on or create your own one. It’s not supposed to be something of super high quality. Just be sure to provide some useful info and you’re good to go. Markup

You also need to use some markup because it gives you a chance to make your snippet stand out both in universal and local search. Again, you can make that happen with the help of WordPress plugins that do the trick.

Redirect Like a Boss

Chances are, you’ll have some broken links on your site. Sure thing, it’s not a good idea to keep such links and pages because Google make take it that you’re not managing your site in a serious way. So, be advised to keep your broken links next to nothing.

Google Authorship

You’ve probably noticed by now that Google started showing portrait thumbnails near some snippets in search results pages. They do catch the eye. If you enable it on our WordPress site, you’ll be able to display your snippets the same way.

SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users worth $99

You must be really overwhelmed with all the info that I just highlighted above, right? Thing is, you can obtain access to a $99 value WordPress SEO video course that walks you through all the process.

The only thing that you need to do to get it for FREE is click this link and specify both your name and email so that I know where to email your access details to.


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