Top Rated Android Apps for Internet Marketers

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Here is the list of Android Apps for Internet Marketers. The expanding number of Android Apps is a wonderful gift to millions of internet marketers. It enables them to do online marketing jobs without hassle. Why are Android Apps important for the Internet Marketers?

Android apps for Internet Marketers

For the simple reason that web systems are enormously complicated to deal on. And it is not possible for internet marketer to take all the commands without the help of web tools especially when they’re away from office. With the help of Android Apps, online advertising and marketing is no longer done in conventional way.

Internet marketers are now always alert with opportunities to utilize Android apps. If you are or planning to become an internet marketer, no need to squander around, consider these top Android Apps for Internet Marketers at your fingertips:

Android Apps for Internet Marketers


Even a messy and forgetful individual can make his/her work organized. Without a doubt, Evernote is the key solution. Evernote is the most efficient Android app used widely by internet marketers. Its application is available both in desktop and mobile, so you can still use it even out of reach.

One of its fine features is the Evernote Business that lets you “capture, browse, search, and share Business Notes and Business Notebooks from your smartphone or tablet”. It is also social media- friendly, you can share and connect via facebook and twitter. Files and notes will be managed easily using this app. Like create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists, save, sync and share files.



People used to communicate with their family and friends, keeping them up-to-date with what was going on in their life. It is good news that there are different social media accounts to be used in sharing and communicating.

Another good news is that there’s HootSuite– a desktop app which allows its users to manage and manipulate all their social media accounts. It is claimed as “Dashboard in Your Hand” for it allows marketers to schedule their social media activities on the line such as monitoring and making posts.



The modern technology has indeed changed the way we communicate and work. For that matter, the trouble of getting to business meeting in a conference room is now a way too backward.

GoToMeeting app introduces an easy web conferencing and online meeting tools. This app is available on iPhone and Android devices. Business meeting can now be done at your convenience.


Ad-ology Marketing Forecast

Every minute, many online marketers turn on their radios and televisions for the marketing forecast. Once they knew the forecast, they can now decide what marketing strategies to do or not to do.

Ad-ology Marketing Forecast is also a big help for them. It is a mobile app that provides streams of information which includes latest marketing forecast and consumer insights. This Android app is ideal for to strategic advertisers and marketers.



If there is Jack- of- all- trade, Springpad is an App-for- all- trade. This Android app is multi- functional which is an ultimate tool for creating, editing, storing, organizing and managing both personal and business portfolios. And much for the advantage of the users, sharing small and large files for all their contacts is done without troubles to worry.


SEO SiteRank Lite

There’s an easy way to grab the Google PageRank & the Alexa ranking for a site. SEO SiteRank Lite App garnered great reviews for an SEO app. This is simply an amazing Android SEO app for all internet marketing aficionados.



With the advent of computers, it became possible to manage various events speedily. Eventbrite app keep tracks of any event-related information. Registration, event scheduling, ticket buying, and getting event’s information can be accessible just within your reach.



Have you ever seen a handyman singlehandedly worked in a larger scale? That’s how incredibly Android Dropbox app on the move. Small to large file can be shared with any contact associate through email anytime and anywhere.



mAnalytics app is a sophisticated way of staying connected with Google Analytics account. It features easy- to- manage tools for Google analytics stats.


WeRank SEO

The more the internet marketer acquired data, the more they became aware of the enormous complexity of the web data sources. WeRank SEO App conveys fast result in information gathering sources from all of the leading sources of SEO stats.


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