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Let us understand the elements of a link which are used by search engines. Search engines use links in different ways. Though it is not possible to know all of them but an analysis can let us come to a conclusion to note down few of them which are given below-

Global Popularity

To be more popular, you need to be better than others. Websites like Wikipedia has literally thousands of diverse sites linking to it, which means it is a popular site.

Local/Topic Specific Popularity

This concept of topic specific popularity suggests that links from a topic specific community matters much more than off topic specific sites. For example, if your website sells mobiles, it is good to have a link from electronic goods websites rather than some off topic sites like furniture selling website.

Anchor text

It is one of the strongest signals that the search engines uses. If a number of links point to a page with correct keywords, that page has a high probability of ranking well.

Trust Rank

The internet contains a large amount of spam. Many predict that 60% of the web pages are spam. To eliminate these irrelevant contents search engines use systems for measuring trust. Getting a backlink from highly trusted domain will significantly boost your sites SERPs.

Link Neighborhood

Spam links goes both ways. A website is itself a spam which links to other spam. It is thus wise to choose those sites you link to very carefully and be equally selective with the sites you attempt to earn from.

Social Sharing

Due to growing market of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc., search engines treats social links different from other types of links due to their popularity. Though there is enough debate between professionals as to how exactly the search engines factor social link signals into their algorithms, but the rising importance of these social channels can neither be neglected nor can it be denied.

Link Building

Link Building basics

Link Building is an art. It is the most critical and also the most important part of an SEO. It requires creativity, Budget. You should remember that no two building campaigns are the same, And the way you build or choose to build depends equally on you personally and your website. Below are three link building acquisition

“Natural” Editorial Links

As the name suggests, These are naturally given by sites and pages that want to link to your content or company. The creativity of the content and the ability to create awareness about it will depend on you but the links will not require any specific action.

Manual “Outreach” Link Building

The SEO crates such links by various methods. They email bloggers for links or they submit sites to directories or even they pay listings of any kind. Sometimes a value proposition is created by explaining the link target why creating a link is the best option. Examples include Convincing a professor that your resource is worthy enough for public interest.

Self-Created, Non-Editorial

 Numerous websites allows or offers any visitor the chance to create links through forum signatures, guest book signings, blog comments, or user profiles. Generally search engine devalues most of these links, and have been known to penalize sites that pursue these links. So, these links are considered to be spam.

5 Samples of Link Building Techniques

Get your customer to link to you

If you have partners or customers which are both loyal and regular and love your brand, you can use this to your advantage by sending them partnership badges. This will diversify your popularity and more people will be reached through this. This is just like wearing a t-shirt with logos.

Build a company blog.

Make it a variable, Informative and entertaining source-This is rarely recommended by the engineers at Google as it one of the most popular and valuable. Blogs have a very unique ability to contribute, participate and earn. They can contribute to fresh material on a regular basis, participate in various conversations across the web and also earn links from other blogs.

Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural thinking

This is often called as ‘linkbait’ in SEO world.  Examples include How Not to Clean a Window. Each such leverage aspects of usefulness, information dissemination or humor to create a viral effect. Users seeing it once will like to share it with others like their friends or bloggers who see it will often go through links.

Be Newsworthy

The most important part or way to earn links is to by earning the attention of the press, bloggers and news media. Releasing a new product or stating something controversial are two effective methods to do so.

Find Directories or Listings of relevant resources

You may use the search engines to find lists of pages that offer outbound links in this fashion. Be careful because links that are easily accessed are risky and may be spam. A diverse and rounded link profile is always the best.

Source : Moz


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