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With so many options for cell phones and smart phones in the market how do you know which ones have what you need, what you don’t, and don’t have what you do. Most of us use our smart phones for more than just phones. They are our life lines, they hold all of our information, our schedules, our contacts, when they are misplaced not only do we not know where we are supposed to be, we don’t even know who to call, or how, to find out where we are supposed to be.


We have given up so much of our personal knowledge to these little gadgets that it has become increasingly important to chose those smart phones which will make our lives as easy as can be.

So what does the Nokia Lumia 1020 have what we need, what we don’t, and most of all what is it missing if anything? At a hefty price tag of $749.99 without signing up for a contract, it is not just something you want to jump into lightly. Is it as good as the other smart phones in this price range? Is it something well worth the money, or more hype than worth the cost?

What are the pros of the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera?

There are many who are taking steps to eliminate cameras from their lives. It used to be that you would buy a camera to accompany you on your excursions, but smartphone manufacturers have caught on. Instead of the need for two appliances, combining the two most important functions into one has people leaving their digital cameras behind and using their phones for everything.


The Nokia Lumia 1020 delivers on the highest quality camera ever produced on a smart phone. It offers to the consumer the most viable 41-megapixel camera phone available on the market. For those who are tied to Facebook and Instagram as not just a hobby, but a way of life, this is one option that will sway them to purchasing this phone.

What else does it offer?

Not only does it offer amazing picture quality, it also gives you a way to display them and to alter them. It has voice command and an amazing screen which gives you more display than the average smartphone for not only viewing your pictures, but all the other things that you use your phone for.

The speaker on the phone is slightly behind other comparably priced phones, but not so much so that it would be a problem for most owners.

So what is it lacking?

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is great, but is it great to carry the expensive price tag? Costing more than most smart phones and cameras on the market, it is not just a purchase, it is a purchase that you have to really think about and perhaps sacrifice other things to buy. Although a high pixel resolution, it does have shot to shot times that cannot compete with other phones on the market.

The other major back draw to using this phone is that for what you will get in pixel quality, you may lose in the ability to interface with programs, software and other apps for purchase. It is not as compatible as other phones on the market, especially in the Windows category, which even if you are photography freak, it is something that you may feel is a sacrifice for you.

If you want to share with others, you may have some limitations. That can really be a back draw, so you have to weight the resolution against the things that it does not provide to you.


This is quite arguably the smartphone, photo phone to beat all others. There are those phones which claim to have it all, but if you live a life by the photo, most of the other smart phones leave you carrying two appliances along.

If you want to ditch the phone and use the smartphone for everything, including your greatest hobby this is the phone for you. If you can afford the high price tag and the incompatible at times app software, then it is something that is worth the investment.

It may not run Instagram, but you can use any other medium to flash your newly created photos and in time, the upgrade will surely be introduced, but are you going to want to have to upgrade, or worse yet, purchase the upgrade, It can be big and cumbersome, but does take some amazing images.


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