iPhone Bluetooth to Locate and Interact with cars: Apple’s new Investigation

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It seems that Apple is examining the prospects featured by several wireless connectivity options of the iOS platform, such as the capacity to interfere with a Bluetooth-enabled car.


Apparently, Apple’s innovation implies utilizing an iOS system to locate a parked vehicle in a parking lot, get directions of the vehicle, obtain parking fee data, and once you get close to the vehicle, turn on car functions such as power windows, door locks, as well as engine starter.

The Locate Your Car Features are Quite Innovative

To start with, the “Method for Locating a Vehicle” developed by Apple implies a mobile gadget synchronizing with a car through Bluetooth in order to check if it’s parked.

If the condition is accomplished, the handset interacts with a wireless system contained by the parking place in order to establish a parking location prior to bearing away from the car. When you go back to the parking place, the mobile device has to interfere with the location system of the parking place and solicit current positioning information. The obtained data is then matched up to the automobile’s position already saved on the gadget to establish a route so that you can go back to your vehicle.

A different method connects the vehicle with the location system of the parking space. After the location was registered, the information is saved and it can be accessed afterward with a mobile device. This procedure also permits the parking system to offer routing directions that are then delivered to a smartphone if they’re solicited.

Apple’s Innovation Demands a Wireless Connection

Apple’s innovation demands for the parking place to feature numerous wireless sensors which are set up so that they can establish the position of the vehicle and the Smartphone. Therefore, there should be one sensor for each stall, or for each row.

The device can utilize Bluetooth technology in order to send out information regarding the location, and also guidance directions to the handset if they are solicited. Besides, the parking device can include various sensors, cameras, and microphones so that it can establish if a vehicle is parked.


WiFiSLAM – efficient positioning in the absence of a GPS signal

When it comes to guidance, a mobile device can get a map through Wi-Fi or cellular, and they can feature the same current location information as a GPS navigation device. Certainly, there are cases when the GPS can be utilized in cooperation with the positioning information of the parking place in order to establish a route that can take you back to the car.

In fact, Apple has just purchased the “indoor GPS” company referred to as WiFiSLAM, which designed a technology that can offer positioning information in places where GPS signals are generally missing. These features should totally be incorporated in the systems mentioned above.

Apple’s ‘accessing a vehicle using portable devices’ app

Another app developed by Apple and referred to as “Accessing a vehicle using portable devices” implies a mobile device connecting with a vehicle through Bluetooth or other appropriate systems to handle numerous onboard functions.

The innovation is a smarter substitute for the current vehicle personalization systems provided by certain automakers. These devices generally depend on key fobs that interfere with the vehicle through radio or NFC in order to open doors, activate the engine, roll down windows, and other functions like these.

In their place, Apple puts forward a handset which will replace the fob to provide improved control of the car via wireless systems such as Bluetooth.

iPhone bluetooth

It appears that the system developed by Apple is able to sustain a primary, as well as a secondary handset. Both of them utilize confirmed authentication techniques to access the car, thus permitting aforementioned systems to serve as a security device instead of the key fob.

The driver has the possibility to program preferences in order for the system to work automatically, or he can have superior control by demanding a password before the system unlocks and interferes with the vehicle.

Certain embodiments permit limitations to be established on the second handset, like permission to activate the engine just in a particular period of time, for instance between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. Other restrictions might imply speed, amusement options, GPS-based fencing, and so forth.


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