Top 7 Apps for Kids In 2013

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Since, the inception of iPad from Apple stable, the applications for the kids get a higher momentum for catching the kid’s attention. So in this direction, the top 7 applications are contesting for the best applications for kids in 2013. But all these applications are best in its own class but their functions and features are quite different from each other.

iPad Magazines for Kids

Moreover, the kids are getting benefits by using these applications for their needs. The main purpose of these applications is creativity and education. So the applications are built for these purposes. Actually, the kids can get exposure and acquire knowledge for their involvement with these applications.

Bugs and Numbers

This application will make the kids more aware about the mathematical calculation and the power of numbers. So this application will increase its math acumen and ability to recognize the numbers. Moreover, the kids will learn the math through its bugs and even they will enjoy it as well. Since, they will learn as they will play this game.

Let’s Color

It is all about the colors. So the kids will able to learn about the colors and its power. This game will open their eyes to the world of color. As they know more about the colors, then their mind will be colored as well. This funny application will learn as they play with it. Since, it will increase the creativity of the kids in a larger proportion.

Faces iMake

This application will give the kids an opportunity to make themselves a creative one. Particularly, this application will make the kids to play with the faces in the program. So they will enjoy as well as learn. It is a very simple application to play with. Moreover, the kids whose age is more than 4 years old can play with this program.

Angry Birds Star Wars

No need for introduction for this application. It is a cool game for the kids. Because, they will learn a lot of things from it, particularly logical thinking and manipulation. Moreover, this wonderful application will infuse the creativity in the mind of the kids.

My Mom’s The Best

This application will help the kids to figure out the relationship through the mom persona in the program. Moreover, the application will teach to recognize their mother figure through the bear picture. It develops the awareness about the relationship in the mind of the kids as well.

Elmo Loves 123s

This application will help the kids recognize the number from 1 to 20. So they will be aware of the power of numbers and its sequence. It is a kind of math magic. So the kids will be able to learn the numbers through this game.

Rounds – Parker Penguin

This application infuses the decision making in the mind of the kids. The reason is that this game will teach the kids how to take decision and solve the problem. It can be done by playing with penguin figures in the program. Moreover, it will help the kids grow up through.


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