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With mobile usage increasing, internet surfing is changing. Most of our favorite internet sites, services and informational sources have released Mobile apps allowing mobile users to access what they want, when they want, wherever they want. These apps are convenient, fast loading and take you right where you want to go with a tap of the finger. For those reasons, users are turning towards apps rather than using browsers.


According to November’s mobile subscriber data from Com Score, mobile users are tapping their mobile apps rather than surfing through browsers. 44.9% are using apps vs. 44.4% who are still using browsers. This is a 3.3% increase from August and also the first month apps have surpassed browsers. Earlier in the year Flurry found that more minutes were spent on apps than they were on browsers.

This creates the question as to whether HTML5 is on its way out so soon after appearing on the scene. With many mobile sites utilizing the programming language, many fear the time spent learning and creating in HTML5. However, many mobile apps are built from this language and wrapped in a shell. Therefore mobile usage of HTML5 is still projected to be strong.

The Future of Mobile Apps:

There are many speculations that apps will be the new OS. Even computer operating systems are turning toward apps to streamline and minimize the way computers are used. Windows 8 utilizes an app feel with a magazine style look. By using apps rather than menus, users will be able to click instantly on the programs and sites they want.

From phones to tablets to now PC’s, apps are the future of computing. Many programmers are utilizing the ease and speed of creating apps for any of the functions they would like to perform. More websites will launch apps for use when browsing is too time constraining and soon you will see an app for every product or service you will need.

Android seems to be on everyone’s lips. In constant battle with Apple’s iPhone, Android is expected to take apps and their Android OS to new levels. It is expected that their dedication to mobile usage will pay off with numbers that will surpass iPhones releases and usage. Many are more intrigued to see what is new from the Android team and the phone manufacturers that use it.

Mobile computing is the future. With more users constantly on the go, mobile networks increasing in speed and range, and the ever increasing speeds of smartphones, many will turn to their phone before turning to their computers. With apps for everything we want and need, there is no longer an interest in using mobile browsers unless absolutely needed.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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