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Take a trip to the east, west, north or south, Angry Birds seems to be the talk among gamers today. Developed by the Finland-based Rovio Mobile, the game is one of the all-time best iPhone products, selling millions and millions across the globe since 2009.

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This game is easy to learn and play but hard to master the archery. Perhaps, this could be the reason behind its scintillating success. The game has been applauded for its combination of addictive game-play style, commercial and comical stature and its low price. With so much of interest being shown on the game and so many downloads, the game has further been designed to be compatible with personal computers, mobiles and all other kinds of gaming devices. But what is this game all about? Why does it find itself so popular?

Angry Birds – The Concept

The theme of the Angry Birds game is to destroy pigs using different-colored birds that have different skills. As the player advances to the next levels of the game, he gets many more birds with better abilities that can be activated by the player himself.

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The real challenge of the game lies in the proper usage of a bird’s special powers. The style of controlling a bird’s attack by aiming them at pigs, the way of striking a bird and all other characters of the game are designed aesthetically.

Powers possessed by the Angry Birds ?

The red bird possesses the most basic powers and cannot do much other than striking strongly. The higher it goes, the better is the strike. The blue bird multiplies itself into three and causes higher destruction. The yellow bird can strike long distances and will be the prime weapon in certain levels. The white bird is a double blower that can release its eggs (these eggs are explosive bombs) and also strike the upper portion.

The black bird can cause massive destruction’s that can topple structures while exploding. A tricky and skilful angle can enable the bird to cause massive damage. The green bird popularly known as the boomerang bird can be launched directly to a structure for causing intense damage. However once the bird touches the structure, its boomerang function is no more active.

Tips and Tricks

The Basics

The Angry Birds game is played with an allotted set of Angry Birds to free the other birds locked in cages. You also get a lot of hints and tips advising you to hit objects on the way (like pineapples) or performing tricks that can fetch you bonus points. However the same tricks could sometimes back fire. Always search for hidden objects in strange places whose bonus points can help you when you run out of birds.

The beauty of the Angry Birds game lies in its different levels where you have different environments like fire, brick, wood, steel where you have to play according to your surroundings. As you unlock each level, you get new puzzles which can either be very simple or very tough.

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The second set of levels are challenged by monkeys in a jungle. So its refreshing (after the first set of encounter in the warehouse) and lots of fun guaranteed. There are about 60 different levels in the game that can be thrilling.

Angry bird is designed on the concept of enmity between pigs and birds. As a player you have to control the birds and enter into the pig’s towers, defeating them inside. But this is not easy as there are enormous hidden secrets. Here is a guide on the game that could help you become a more prolific player.

Know the importance of your stars

While killing Angry Birds alone can take you to the next level, it would be better to aim for high scores and get the three allotted stars. High scores can be obtained by using new birds as scarcely as possible because unused birds can fetch you more points. Your points can be multiplied by destroying the objects belonging to the enemies. Hence making more damages might be the strategy.

The Physics Aspect

The game works on several stimulation of physics theory that calls for a lot of thinking and skill. On many occasions you need to hit the weak points and maintain a balance between defense and attack. Its a game where you would be fooled if you are looking to fire blindly.

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If you are playing the game in the Apple’s iPhone, use the multi-touch zoom function to zoom in and view the entire battlefield on one screen and simultaneously keep an eye on how far is a pig’s base from your catapult. The dust left behind after every bird, allows you to replicate previous throws without wasting time on guessing.

One does not have to attack left to right all the time. Just aim the bird high enough to attack from a good viewpoint. Patiently wait until the next bird appears and the previous bird disappears before you shoot. Otherwise your attack could be dampened if you happen to hit the previous bird’s dazed body.

Seeing the tremendous success of the Angry Birds game, developers are now trying to upgrade the present version to make it more fun. So do not claim yourself to be a gamer unless you have tested the new ‘Angry Birds’. Such has been the popularity of the game these days.


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