Galaxy S4’s All Set To Take Massive Updates

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Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship is geared up to get a major software update by the three leading U.S. carriers as per reports, setting aside T-Mobile version. Chunks of updates are happening from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T on various devices and now their biggie, Galaxy S4’s turn to take on the new code.

samsung galaxy s4 update

The update is already on us. As we discuss here, the above U.S. carriers are rolling ample updates upon Galaxy S4 pieces. Though the official release is yet to come, reports say that basic features are same from all the carriers.

As usual, Verizon is little late in employing the update when compared to AT&T and Sprint which hits the latest. Though Verizon update is expected over-the-air by the week, as of now Verizon’s MAC and desktop installer is set for the update reading.

Most of the Galaxy S4 users find the popular device doesn’t stand with what it offered during the beginning. The device was advertised to have 16GB storage but unfortunately came up with less than 10GB memory which was seen by the adopters as one of the major issue.

From the updates rolled out, the remarkable one is the option to move apps from the device to an external microSD card, generally named as “apps to SD.” Here the smart phone gets updated with a larger storage space of around 357MB. By this key feature, the device improves on its performance with sizeable internal storage. Now sad Galaxy S4’s running low on disk space, keep your sprits high, pull the update to get some free space! Good that Dropbox and Copy are with us for cloud storage.

For Verizon users the update of large storage is called Software Upgrade Assistant. The update of around 350MB is set to go for both Verizon and AT&T customers on their device. From the update, changes to be noted are the support for KNOX suite with additional security and a new locked bootloader, an added worry for root users. New camera firmware with HDR video, distinct settings and a transparent status bar to work on wallpapers are few other changes to be heard off.

It clearly reveals, the adding changes rolled out are believed to break the root access and no more the rootkeeper app will keep the data. However, once the update has knocked your status bar and still if you are stepping to root your Galaxy S4 with CyanogenMod or ROM’s, make sure you are ready to face problems too. Sorry to say, you won’t achieve what you were looking for.

Sprint users experience will be more or less similar, though more on MF9 update is rolled out. Apart from the main baked in changes such as Samsung KNOX, apps to SD ability, locked bootloader; those Sprint users who welcomed the update observed Smart Pause toggle – setting on the notification panel, a briefing app – SPDclient and distinctive display settings.

Don’t you think it’s quite attention-grabbing that Samsung Galaxy S4 has gathered enough and more thumbs up in the Android arena to push out with updates from the three powerful carriers the same period?

Okay, Samsung Galaxy S4 owners, now it’s time to keep watch on your device for the update roll out. As the updates are yet brewing up, we look out to hear more from your experience.


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