LG Google Nexus 5 Launched with Android 4.4 KitKat

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The gorgeous and powerful Nexus 5, sneaked out by Goggle is here. A perfect blend of solid specs and optimized Android, it is a powerhouse of a phone, available at nearly half the price of other top shelf models.


Google Nexus 5 Design

The Nexus 5, weighing a mere 130gm, has a clear design that comes in either black or white. The back is made of plastic, with a coat of soft-paint which has a ‘leathery’ warm feel. At 138mm long and 69mm wide, the phone is decorative, and puts an emphasis on the camera, giving an impression of power and performance.


The phone’s display is practically 5” across, fitting with the name, but precisely, it measures 4.95”. The 1920*1080 pixel screen uses an LCD IPS technology, featuring Gorilla Glass 3, making it highly resistant to scratches.


The phone’s SnapDragon 800 2.26 GHz processor is indeed snappy, with no lags, crashing applications or any other issues whatsoever. The processor is a quad core chip, and the phone’s entire architecture is of 32 bit.

Operating System

The latest Nexus device comes preloaded with the brand new Android firmware: version 4.4 aka KitKat. It is leaner and meaner, running smoothly in just 512 of RAM, and the performance is quicker. You get more immersive media; with a full screen mode that hides everything you do not need, leaving just your game, video or book.

The search is better integrated with GoogleNow ™ just a swipe away from the home screen. Another new is the fully integrated printing, with a built-in application for printing to Google Cloud print or other supported printers.

The Google Nexus 5 is the first phone to run on the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, android 4.4 KitKat candy bar.



Though the camera is not brainstormingly awesome, it certainly does a more than capable job for most users. The phone has a 1.3MP HD front camera, and an 8MP rear facing camera with OIS.

There’s much more to imaging quality than just raw pixel count to it. The Nexus 5 camera comes with a feature called HDR+, which, according to Google, involves taking burst shots and using special algorithms to put them together in one shot.

The HDR+ mode combines high dynamic range photography with sharpening algorithms, successfully picking out details in bright and dark areas.


The Nexus 5 offers no slot for removable memory cards and is available with a 16GB as well as a 32GB of ROM, and 2GB of RAM.

Battery life

The 2300mAh battery is relatively small compared to other flagship devices, and brings the remaining battery life down to about 30% after a full day of use, which is approximately 12 hours of talk time, technically.

It has a maximum video playback time of 6.25 hours and up to 5 hours on Wi-Fi. The phone comes with a built-in wireless charging, which is indeed a huge advantage.

Nexus 5 price in India

Google Nexus 5 is still not available on Google India Play Store, it’s still listed coming soon on play store but the LG Nexus 5 phone (16GB) is available online on other e-commerce sites. Some online stores selling 16 GB Nexus 5 at Rs 31,000, while it is officially priced at Rs 28,999.



The Nexus 5 performs admirably; it provides an excellent “pure” Android experience, LTE connectivity, and a fancy camera, among various other excellent features, all coming at about half the price of high-end phones. As Google intends for it to be, the Nexus 5 does set the bar for other Android devices to follow.


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