Debate: Niche Blogging Vs. Authority Blogging

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Niche Blogging Vs. Authority Blogging– Which is best? It is a million dollar question in the blogging industry. If you are setting your foot into blogging, it would be your first question. Which one to opt for?

Niche Blogging Vs. Authority Blogging

I’m sure you might be intrigued by Niche as well as authority blogging. Before taking a leap, make sure you consider all the factors and choose the perfect fit for you. So here is the comparison of Niche Blogging Vs. Authority Blogging.

Niche Blogging

Niche or Micro-Niche blogs target only a certain specific

topic, intended either for affiliate marketing, list building or CPC advertising and publishing. I’ve illustrated a few benefits and disadvantages of niche blogging below.

  • Reportedly, Google took a toll on micro-niche sites by tweaking it’s algorithm to make them vulnerable for Panda and Penguin updates.

  • You cannot expect returning traffic to your blog, since it is highly unlikely to brand a micro niche site.

  • However, they could be more favorable for higher search engine placement, due to the advantage of exact match domain. After the EMD update, exact match domain significance has been nullified reportedly.

  • Micro-niche sites are very easy to maintain, unlike Authority blogs, regular and consistent content updates are not necessary.

  • Due to easy maintenance factor, you can develop a network of several niche-sites to garner maximum revenue potential.

  • Unlike Authority blogs, you cannot target evergreen topics. For example, if your site is dedicated to a certain mobile phone or gadget review, the traffic trend wouldn’t be reliable. You cannot expect sales and traffic, once it gets outdated.

  • The key mantra for success in niche blogging, is developing useful content and provide value to the reader.

Authority Blogging

Authority blogs cover a wide range of topics in either a specific niche or multiple niches. You can implement various monetization models simultaneously. I’ve listed a few pros and cons of Authority blogging below.

  • Search Engines favor authority blogs in search engine ranking algorithm. Once you manage to garner an authority background, you no longer need to concern regarding promotion and marketing.

  • The most distressing disadvantage of authority blogging is, if they are inflicted by an algorithm update, it would be virtually impossible to recover. All your effort would go in vain.

  • On Contrary, since you do not put much effort into micro-niche blogs, it wouldn’t be as depressing.

  • You can expect returning traffic to your blogs, which includes social media fans and subscribers as well.

  • Managing multiple Authority blogs requires a lot of effort and dedication. However, you need to avoid keeping all your eggs in a single basket.

  • You can cover a wide range of topics, so it is unlikely for you to ever run out of topics to write on.

  • Authority Blogging can fetch you immense online presence and reputation. Vishal, the brains behind Tricks machine, owns a network of authority blogs. He is considered, one of the most popular and influential bloggers in India.

Conclusion – Niche Blogging Vs. Authority Blogging

Authority and Niche blogging are two sides of a single coin. Which one to choose, solely depends on your opinion. I’d suggest you to start by developing micro-niche sites, if you are new to blogging, because you may not be aware of on-page optimization factors such as keyword density, and most of them tend to implement duplicate content, black hat back linking, e.t.c. So, prior to enough blogging experience, immerse into Niche Blogging and start experimenting.

Similar to any other business investment, perform a risk/reward analysis. If you consider low risk factor and high reward ratio in a short-term, I would recommend you to go with Micro Niche blogging.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, Niche blogging is your best bet. However, Authority blogging is evergreen and reliable .If you consider case study results, most of the Dot Com millionaires in the blogging field are authority bloggers. So which you think between Niche Blogging Vs. Authority Blogging is the best?


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