Top 7 Google Web Fonts For Web Design Projects

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Here is the list of Top 7 Google Web Fonts For Web Design Projects. Now designers are becoming more concerned about the overall appearance of a website. Now a website is judged primarily with the bounce rate and retention rate of the visitors. And a good looking yet simple website is more likely to be successful in terms of low bounce rates and higher retention rates.

Google Web Fonts For Web Design Projects

Web designers and webmasters are highly concerned about the objects, images, infographics, videos and other elements; but they often fail to pay attention to something more important. Yes, we are talking about the text font you’ve chosen for your website.

7 Creative, Dashing, Free Google Web Fonts

Now, you don’t have to rely on the system fonts exclusively. You have thousands of good looking, attractive text fonts that come free and can be used under the popular GNU license. Google web fonts are also grouped under this category.

Definitely the paid font providers can help you get something special, but you must explore these innovative, free web fonts for the web design projects. Let’s explore the top 7 Google fonts we have listed here:

1. Source Sans Pro designed by Paul D. Hunt

Adobe brought this open source font to enhance readability on different User interfaces online. It was a typeface of Sans serif system font. The simplicity of the new web based typeface started attracting web designers right away and since then, it’s one of the most popular Google web fonts of all time!

2. Muli designed by Vernon Adams

This Google web font fits best as display typeface. However, it works fine in almost all interfaces and on different devices like Computer, Smartphones, Tablets and other handheld devices. It’s a minimalist font of Sans serif family.

3. Gentium Basic designed by Victor Gaultney

This creative web typeface comes of the original Gentium font, however this font comes with some additional features and supports basic Latin-1 and Latin-1 supplements. This works fine on almost all devices regardless of the operating systems.

4. Cabin designed by Pablo Impallari

Cabin refers to Impallari’s typeface that relates to 4 different weight families and 8 font families. The designer has termed this as a humanist sans typeface and the font design is inspired by Eric Gill and Edward Johnston’s typefaces.

5. Julius Sans One designed by Luciano Vergara

This Sans serif typeface is specially developed to support and render Latin symbols with smoother and more efficient transitions. It also comes with an SIL open font license. It relates to a Chilean LatinoType foundry typeface family.

6. Open Sans designed by Steve Matteson

This web font has an apache license. The humanist Sans serif interface was originally designed by Steve Matteson. The typeface has an impressive set of 897 characters including Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. It was optimized for all popular devices, letterform printings and other regular stuffs.

7. Dosis designed by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Impallari

It’s another Impallari production. This round sans serif typeface works well on the web interfaces especially when the characters are larger than 36pts. This typeface has extended Latin characters that offer number of alternatives to the users.

There are numerous other Google web fonts that you might take a look at! These fonts let you play with the overall appearance of your website without any cost! The list mentioned above covers some of the most popular typefaces that worth a try!


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