Killer Ways of Breathing Life into a Dead Beat Laptop

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I see many people giving away their old laptops at bottom of the barrel rates or just donating them to an organization. Now, while that is a good thing and it makes sense to sell or donate your old laptops, that’s not the only option left to you, if you have an old dead beat laptop on your hands. Why not think of extending its life by giving it a once over.


There are plenty of things you could do, to make your laptop work as good as new. By doing this, you not only extend its life but at the same time you save a lot of money that you would otherwise have used to buy a new laptop.

Here a few tips that will have you transform your old laptop into an energetic teen:

Give its outside a Makeover

Sometimes a laptop looks and feels old for lack of attention, so clean it up. Make sure you clean that grime that has built up over years of neglect; there are plenty of cleaning fluids available on the market that help clear all that dirt on your device. You will be amazed how good your laptop looks once you remove all the grime.

Another reason why a laptop feels like it’s on its last legs is because the keyboard isn’t as smooth as it is supposed to be; well in this case, a can of compressed air can be your knight in shining armor. Use it to blow out all that debris that might have accumulated between your laptop’s keys.

And, if you are actually cleaning your laptop, why leave the monitor out from your attention. Clean that up as well; take some white vinegar, dab it on a soft cloth and clean your screen.

At the end of this process, your laptop will look better than before.

Gives its inside a Makeover

If you are replacing your laptop because its performance puts you to sleep, think of replacing its hard drive and/or increase its RAM. One of the most common reasons for owners thinking their laptop’s gone old is that they are unable to play the latest high resolution games on it. No, this isn’t a joke; it’s really a very common reason! So, if that’s your reason for doing away with your old laptop, think again.

All it might require is a graphics card upgrade in combination with an increase in RAM and hard drive space. Of course, upgrades are not that easy and will not be feasible sometimes; in such cases replacement makes sense. But, if the upgrade is feasible and you think, it will improve its efficiency by a long way, it makes for a more affordable option as compared to buying a brand new laptop.

External Keyboard

In the first point, we have taken a look at improving the keyboard functionality, but what if your cosmetic changes haven’t borne fruit and the keyboard refuses to function smoothly. Well, in this case there is an inexpensive option available, in the form of an external keyboard.

Such keyboards aren’t very expensive, and the wireless varieties are really a very good pick. This is again something that will extend the usable life of your device.

Replacing the Battery

My laptop conks off, all the time”, that’s why I want to sell it. This is a common enough reason for somebody wanting to get a new laptop. But that somebody hasn’t checked out the device’s battery whose capacity might have dropped through the years he has been using the laptop.

That’s a cardinal sin, because a battery can be replaced quite easily and the simple process of switching to a new battery has improved the longevity of many laptops.

Ask an Expert

No, I am not talking about hiring the services of expert to take a look at your laptop. I am sure you have plenty of tech savvy friends who know everything there is to know about such devices. Take their advice, and ask them for ways to improve your existing laptop’s functionality.

Some of them might have tinkered with their own devices, so they will have firsthand experience of converting slow moving laptops into Olympic racers. I know I have gone a bit overboard here, but you get the drift.

Some of these ways, or shall I say all of them might come across as the first thing people would do, if they want to improve the usability of their old laptop. But, most people don’t go this route and end up looking for the newest laptops available on the market, to replace their existing laptops.

The gist of these ‘ways’ is that before looking outside, look within, as far as your laptop is concerned. You might find giving your old laptop a makeover, makes better sense than just getting rid of it.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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