2 Ways to Remove Programs on your Mac

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Don’t you know that there are a lot of Mac computer users who find it hard to uninstall programs on their computer? Actually, this is quite true. Mac computers do no have an Add/Remove Programs just like in Windows based computers. As Mac users, they should have full knowledge particularly on the different functions that their Mac computers possess.

For those who do not know anything about this, uninstalling programs on Mac computer is so easy and simple to do. All you have to do is to select the program or application that you want to remove from your system and move it to Mac’s Trash Bin. However, by doing this, it will not completely remove the program out from your computer system.

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Actually, there are two kinds of programs that run on your Mac computer. These are the bundled and non-bundled programs. Bundled programs are those programs on your Mac that can be removed by just merely dragging the program into the Trash bin. While on the other hand, the non-bundled programs are those programs that require further steps to completely remove the program from your computer system.

In fact, if you do not want to trouble and hassle yourself from manually uninstalling programs on your Mac computer, you may use third party uninstallers. These third party uninstallers can completely remove programs even eradicating files that are associated in that particular program. If you want to consider using third party uninstallers, here are some of it that you might be interested at.


A software that removes applications and programs completely. It can also detect support files that are left behind including the program preferences. AppCleaner will totally eradicate it out from your system.


This is also one of the third party uninstaller that you can choose from to help you eradicate unwanted programs on your Mac. In this software, you can have the chance to add preferences to the software pane that will enable you to supervise the files that were moved into the trash bin. Aside from this, a popup window will display the verification whether you want to remove also the associated files that go with the chosen program to be removed.

Before deciding on what kind of third party uninstaller you want to use on your Mac computer, you must have to determine first the kind of program that you want to eliminate. This will assure you that the uninstaller you will use can effectively and efficiently remove the program totally from your system.


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