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With the arrival of the new iPhone XR in the market, you may be looking for a device that matches your requirement of color and provides you the storage you want. The best option for you is to pre-order the device if you want to separate yourself from the crowd. If you want to grab this model first, you need to walk with the clock.


The trick is to choose the model you want when the pre-order of the phone comes live. Before placing the pre-order, spend some time reading this article. In this article, you will find the best iPhone XR tips and techniques suggested by highly skilled Apple iPhone developer.

Improving the speed of the device

Like other iPhone devices, the iPhone XR can turn slow after a period of time. While switching off the phone can help you clean the memory, you can delete images, apps, and files.

You can also archive them in the cloud in order to get free up space on the device. You can go to the setting option to know about the applications that refresh in the background and consume the power of the device. To improve the speed, you can update the iOS on the device.

Making the phone preventive to hacks

Although there is an option of Face ID to open the iPhone XR, a phone is completely safe and secure when no one can guess the password. To make a device more secure, create a password made from numbers and alphabets. If you want to change the password of the device, you can go to the setting options and tap ID and password.

When the phone asks you to enter a new passcode, you can go for the Passcode Options and Custom Alphanumeric code. Now you can change the passcode easily in the new device but make sure you never forget it.

Reminding you to call later

There is a Remind Me Later button on the device. You have to tap on this button and the phone will remind you to make calls later. It is your choice whether you want to call within an hour or more. But make sure that you have uploaded the contact details so that the phone can trace your address. The time is based on the movements of the GPS.

Joining the FaceTime group

When you join a group, you can call 32 participants simultaneously. You just need to enter more than one contact in the address box when you begin the chat. You can see the tiles there that will be showing the participants, just tap on each tile to bring the person in front of your view.

Unlocking the screen

With the Face ID, you can also unlock the phone by just looking into it. If you have created the Face ID, you can complete various steps like rotating the head in a circular motion so that the device can capture your face in different angles. Unlike the fingerprint touch in the earlier models, you can look into the screen and unlock the device easily after completing the Face ID setting. There is also an option of adding two different profiles.

Customizing the ringtones

As per the music tracks available in the music library, you can select to customize the ringtone in the device. You can make a matching version of the track you want, convert and import the file into the iTunes as one of the ringtones. Then you can synchronize the ringtone with the device. You can also create a ringtone you want from an audio creation and it will be user-friendly on this device.

Taking the screenshot

Although there is no Home button option in the new iPhone XR, yet it is very simple to capture a screenshot with this device. Just hold the Power button and Volume Up simultaneously and tap the buttons quickly. At the time of holding the buttons, you have to pull up another window to put the power off.  You can also mark up or edit the picture after taking the screenshot.

Taking a better selfie

As the selfies are one of the top priorities of the people in the mobile device nowadays, you can use a trick if you are not pleased with selfie you capture by the new iPhone XR. Use the volume button on the attached pair of headphones when the Camera app is open to take better selfies. It will help you to capture selfies that are more appealing and will also reduce the shakiness of the device.

Activating the Do Not Disturb while driving

You may be familiar with Do Not Disturb option but it will be better to understand the different variants of this mode. Go to the setting and click on Do Not Disturb option and inside it choose Do not Disturb While Driving and tap Activate. As per your choice, you can choose from the options Automatically and Manually. You can turn it off also whenever you want.

Shaking the device to undo

Initially, this option may seem a bit odd, but it helps you when you type words and then by mistake delete it from the device. Just by shaking your phone, you will find the Undo-Redo box which helps you to get your work back.


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