Samsung Ads Feature Same Girl Who Appeared in Apple iPhone 4S Ad

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This time there is a claim on any patent, nor on the distribution of a product or another country. Now the bitter dispute between Apple and Samsung, focuses on a Advertising Model.

The controversial fight between the two companies is reaching new levels and to the same child actress who appeared in the announcement of the iPhone 4S, is also featured in the commercial using a Galaxy Tab 8.9 from Samsung, both with a very similar style atmosphere. Samsung has not said why the same girl hired to announce the Galaxy Tab, although suspiciously pulled the video up on Youtube.

The announcement of the Apple iPhone 4S:

The announcement of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 :

I have embedded the both video ads above, you would find that Samsung has stolen the Apple theme used in the ad of iPhone 4S camera; not only the theme but Samsung also hired the same girl which we have already seen in Apple’s ad.

While it could be a “coincidence” that the agent was a clueless actress, or other indirect straightforward, what appeared to be a battle of corporate giants are gradually turning into a battle of spoiled children.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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