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Here is the best replacement for Google reader, Digg Reader officially launched in beta. Digg reader is still in beta and it’s an RSS reader which is available publicly after the announcement that Google was shutting down their own Google RSS reader.

On the contrary, Digg reader looks quite similar to the Google reader and you can get the same experience with this reader also. You can connect this application with your Google account, which will automatically export all your Google Reader subscriptions. And as I said, the experience is very similar to that of Google Reader, with a left column where our folders / subscriptions, with news on the right side showing in list mode.

As per official Digg Reader blog post-

This beta version is aimed first and foremost at Google Reader users looking for a new home in advance of its imminent shutdown.

In fact, that seems to be the good start of the Digg Reader: to make Google Reader refugees at home, with an interface similar – but simplified. And so far, at least, it worked pretty well.

I have spent much time on Digg reader and I think following few features needs to be there in next update –

  • Option to Sort folders alphabetically
  • View Unread Items option for feeds and folders
  • Mark As Unread button

But overall, it works extremely well. What we lose, are items that we’ve saved as bookmarks in Google Reader, but our subscriptions, at least after giving a quick glance, are intact.

Another interesting factor is annexed to Digg, which gradually is becoming a source of valuable information, again. The section of “Popular” articles will be populated with many “Diggs” in addition to people who have kept them to your favorites, good way to see some popular items.

In short, a worthy replacement for Google Reader, there’s also an iOS app, with an Android one due in the next few weeks. Not as multiplatform as Feedly, and provides synchronization options for third-party clients yet, but it is a very interesting alternative for those who are not 100% happy with Feedly.

If you’d like to give it a try, head on over to


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