Custom Email Template In MailChimp: A Note On The Best Way Available

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The mediums of advertising on the internet are changing rapidly; however, some mediums have still got their importance as one of the best email marketing mediums. Custom email templates are one of the ways for providing the best business information to the clients. Email templates are thus sent to the clients when any new offer is there or the businesses are doing any new release.


Email templates are just exceptional when it comes to sending the information to the clients in the most professional manner. These templates are designed and customized in a way so that it could suit the overall aesthetics. Email templates are available with a number of service providers. However, MailChimp is an ultimate destination to get one customized as per specific requirement.

It is the best to approach MailChimp for getting templates with the required specification in terms of designing, layout and much more. Moreover, working on this platform requires the familiarity with the same. In this write-up, we are going to explain you the way that could help you customize the templates in the MailChimp. Here is the practice to be used for getting the things in a customized manner.

The steps will go as:

Creating as well as customizing the template

For creating the template in the MailChimp, you need to have an account with the same. After logging into the account, users need to select the “create template” option. The options will fall in the category “create basic template”, “theme template” and “code your own”. It is advised to start with the basic.

Customizing the template layout

MailChimp email designer tool is all there to customize the template layout. Customization can be done with the color of the template, text box editing, image uploading, etc. The drag and drop option is also there for the users to move elements from a corner to the other. It will help in customizing as well as designing the elements as per the requirement.

Development of the template

For designing the mail template, users will find two options. These will help to manage the content and the design separately. The designing options are given on the right that can be used for changing the background color and the style of the text.

There are separate sections to manage the different sections such as body, footer, header, etc. of the template. The tools for the modification are just exceptional to accomplish the change successfully.

Content and element styling

After designing the main template that has helped you style the header, preheader and other blocks of content in the previous step, it is now time for you to change some of the elements of content.


For changing the content style, users have the option of uploading the header image. There is also an option of dragging a saved image to the header block. The ideal width for the picture must be 600 pixels. More elements to the content can be added with buttons, text blocks, image block, and many more.

The preview of the design

The above-described steps will help you customize the email template as per the requirements. As soon as the template is designed, it is now time for you to preview the designed template. The best news about working on the MailChimp is that users can preview the design with the help of the tools.

To check the template, users have the option “preview and text”. The template design can instantly be seen with “enter preview mode”.  The button also works on the mobile device.

Save and exit

For saving the template that has been designed on the MailChimp, there is an option of “save and exit”. The button can be found at the bottom. Clicking the button will help the users save the changes and exit through the settings. As son as the template design is created, you can work on the content of the same. The settings have just been specified to familiarize the users with the layout only by designing the required elements.

The steps that have been summarized here help the users create templates on the MailChimp. It is an exceptional email template designing tool that offers a number of options to the users to accomplish the settings as per the requirements.

The steps have been described simply so that users can get the basic idea on the designing. By selecting the options as per the description, it will get easy for the users to design the email template.


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