A Look at the World’s Most Popular Gaming Conventions

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Fancy dress and bucket loads of fun

If you’ve ever wished to visit a place where you could wear your craziest outfit while simultaneously indulging in your favorite hobby existed, you’ll be happy to find out that such a place does, in fact, exist. And no, it’s not your neighbors’ Halloween bash we’re talking about.

Each year, gamers, cosplayers and comics aficionados flock to comic conventions such as the San Diego Comic-Con and its British counterpart, the MCM London Comic Con. What started out as a gathering of like-minded individuals back in California in 1970 is today one of the mainstays of geek culture. Video games and comics are no longer just for kids: you’ll find a large number of high-flyers in leading professions among the gaggles of flamboyant convention-goers.

The original geek convention

During one weekend in July, video game nerds, sci-fi fans, cosplayers and those one could dub ‘regular visitors’ descend on the coastal city of San Diego for the annual event that is Comic-Con. Held at San Diego Convention Center, Comic-Con attracts upwards of 120,000 visitors, making it one of the city’s biggest and most important attractions.

Most Popular Gaming Conventions

Comic-Con is a place to see and be seen: while many visitors love to turn up in fancy dress, others prefer to look on from the sidelines and snap pictures. Wizards, superheroes and Star Wars characters vie for attention, while feted authors are busy signing copies of their books. Make no mistake, signings are a big deal at this convention – there is no guarantee you’ll get an autograph from your favorite author or actor!

Comic-Con can be chaotic and messy, but it’s the experience that counts. What is the driving force behind this pilgrimage to the epicenter of geek culture, you might ask. The answer is quite obvious: the love of all things comics, fantasy and sci-fi. No longer the realm of a select group of geeks and nerds, video games and comics have gone mainstream.

While not quite as large or significant as the San Diego Comic-Con, the MCM London Comic Con is a great alternative for Brits. Held at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands, the convention is known for attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world as well as industry bigwigs, media companies and popular authors. If you’re not quite ready to attend one of these events in person, then why not play online?

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