Protecting Business Websites: Advantages of SSL Certificates

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While the main aim of an online business is to make money and increase revenue, a fundamental aspect that needs to be maintained is the security and protection of both your business and the customers you hope to attract. Whether you’re providing an online service or operating an eCommerce enterprise, your site will be relying on visitors and customers, which is why website security is essential.

SSL certificates

Features such as a SSL certificate that can be analysed using a SSL Checker could be all you need to start raking in sales – once your potential customers see that you take their security seriously, they’ll be far more likely to make a purchase or engage your services.

SSL certificates don’t just provide added security either. They also provide the VeriSign Trusted stamp that can be added to your site to give your customers a little reassurance. It could be all they need to go ahead and add things to their online shopping basket – one step closer to checkout and contributing to your revenue.

The advantages of a SSL certificate are quite simple, really.

  • The VeriSign stamp that can be seen as soon as someone uses a search engine to pick up your site. The presence of this stamp will make the visitor more likely to click through, and increase the potential of a sale.
  • A SSL certificate changes the http:// in the address bar to https:// which in itself is often enough reassurance a customer needs to go ahead and browse. The https:// means that the connection is secure. Combine that with the padlock icon that appears and you can be safe in the knowledge that the customer will know they are being looked after.
  • Encrypted data eliminates the risk of third party attacks. Once a SSL certificate is installed onto a website, any sensitive data that is transferred between the browser and the server will be encrypted using up to 256-bit encryption. Ultimately, this means that if someone tries to eavesdrop on the connection, credit card details and personal information are safe.

From as little as £259 for an annual SSL certificate, you can show that you take online security seriously. Take a look at the options, today.


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