Popular Android Apps to Boost Efficiency of Rooted Android Devices

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Nowadays you see many Smartphone users rooting their devices, as it provides them more flexibility and wide range of options. They can easily customize settings, get rid of pre-installed applications and do various other tasks. Users must be careful as they might have to give up their manufacturer warranty, but adventurous people have other thoughts.


Your device might malfunction or become totally inoperable. So if you are willing to unlock additional features and system tweaks, then these applications can help the Android users.

1. Full! Screen

This intelligent application facilitates Android tablet/phone users to define customized soft buttons, make changes to navigation bars etc. Users can conveniently view notification panel as well as list of recently used applications. The screen of the Android device can be easily reverted to default state just by clicking a single button.

For tweaking interface and screen configuration, this is the best app.

2. Network Log

This application is for those users who want complete in-depth information regarding their Android device’s network performance. Individual applications can be reliably tracked with its intelligent log-display functionality. Moreover, the time-line graphs and real time notifications provide a clear picture of speed & usage of network.

So if you want efficient monitoring of data usage, then go for this reliable network monitoring application.

3. LMT Launcher

It allows exceptional customization of Android utilities and also improves usability. You can define commands, and also configure the invisible swipe areas and gesture controls. Users can create new pie menu, which provides usability of navigation bar and understands the newly defined commands. So add gesture functionalities to your Android device and customize as per your liking.

4. Greenify

This utility is more superior to the traditional “Hibernation” app. You can restrict the Android device from using bandwidth and system resources. Good thing about this app manager tool is that the users can explicitly call applications, which process seamlessly in foreground. Another benefit is that the utilities are not totally blocked when your devices in hibernating.

5. Nandroid Manager

This application is useful for safe tracking of nandroid backups. In addition, you can conveniently explore and view entire content. Extraction of selective data files is possible with its paid version, whereas you can enjoy other interesting features. So for selective recovery, confidently choose this app.

6. DriveDroid

Android Smartphone can now be converted into bootable rescue disk as well as a solid platform for Linux distributions. It supports numerous operations such as downloading IMG files. It is a pretty handy tool.

7. System Tuner

This intelligent tweaking & system monitoring application provides excellent customization including voltage, task manager, SD cache and many more. Users can view comprehensive diagnostic data and configure wealth of system settings

8. FPS Meter

It is best for gamers who are seeking to boost performance of their system’s general utilities and games. This app displays frame rate, therefore it is an interesting acquisition for tweak and tinker. One important thing, this app is not free.

9. Titanium Backup

This tool kit enables automation of backup schedules and provides option for selective backup as well. Data can be reliably copied onto the SD card. This app is not limited to backups; you can strip down the system, purge bloatware and also take advantage of cloud storage. It offers pro & free version.

10. Screencast Video Recorder

This application is more useful as it can continuously record video, delivers output in mpeg4 format. Moreover, Android customers can configure touch pointer, and save audio files by using the microphone. So if you are interested in podcasting and video tutorials, use this smart tool kit.

11. CPU Tuner

Its performance is not as impressive as that of “System Tuner” application, but still is useful enough for tweaking and reliable system monitoring. Other compelling features and custom settings include over-clocking, CPU governor and the ability to save battery by under-clocking. This free application offers numerous trigger-based profiles, thus improving efficiency of CPU.

12. DataSync

This application is ideal for Android users who want to seamlessly sync utilities via WiFi connectivity. So data can be exchanged over numerous Android platforms. You can resume the application on another Android device after completion of data transfer.

No need to worry if you don’t have access to WiFi network, users can conveniently sync apps by using Box or DropBox. It is indeed a smart data syncing application designed to support multiple Android platforms.

13. Wireless Tether

Design your own Blue-tooth personal area network as well as the option to develop ad-hoc WiFi. Advantage of this new approach is the ability to utilize data connectivity of Android phone for other devices featuring WiFi connectivity. In short, the Android devices works just like WiFi router.

Netfilter-enabled kernel and rooted appliance are essential for this application. You must keep an eye on the battery, as it would drain very quickly. So it would be better to take additional battery with you.


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