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Traveling in auto rickshaws will become a more convenient and reliable experience for commuters in Delhi. If you are staying in Delhi and getting trouble in boarding an auto rickshaw especially during peak hours, now you can use your smart phone to hire an auto rickshaw with the help of a new PoochO android app.


Through PoochO app commuters will now be able to see the location of the autos nearest to them and call the auto drivers directly on their personal mobile number and book their trip. Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung launched this wonderful Android app.

Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System (DIMTS) has developed this android app, “Pooch-O”, This Android app will now allow users to locate autos and it is also enabled with GPS technology so that the users can easily call its driver which are nearest to them.

It is also necessary that the mobile numbers of the drivers would be registered with DIMTS. You can easily book a trip with the help of this amazing Android app.

Pooch-O app can be downloaded for only Android phones for free from Google Play store and can find out auto nearest to them through Maps.


This Android app is very much beneficial for working women who are doing night shifts and traveling in autos at night. PoochO app allows people to access the DIMTS database of registered drivers’ mobile numbers and then call them up. After booking auto through this app, user can share their travel details on Facebook and Twitter so that their friends and family members can get to know about their location.

This app also has many security elements so that user no needs to worry while sharing their personal information like mobile number and home address. You do need to make sure that your phone has GPS and leave it turned on in order to use the app. Pooch-O users can also calculate the estimated fare for their trip and even track the auto to check if it is coming towards them or not.

The users need not to pay the additional money to the driver for booking. About 24,000 autos in Delhi are equipped with GPS. The Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System (DIMTS) sanctioned the development of the smart phone application which, Pooch-O on Android lets you book Delhi’s GPS-enabled auto-rickshaws.


The best thing about the PoochO application is that a driver who refuses to pick up a PoochO user for no appropriate reason will be faced with strict action. The Traffic police will be asked to connect this app to their website and traffic apps so that if the auto driver refuses commuters without any reason. The traffic police will take strict action against them. The application will help drivers get passengers more easily too.

With Poocho, getting autos will now no longer be a worry. PoochO also helps in finding the travel time as well as the traffic condition on the route. User can easily find out the estimated fare, estimated travel distance and time of travel by feeding in their origin and destination points.

Users can also get the details of the traffic condition of the selected route. Through this app the users can also send their location details to the auto driver if they are not able to explain the driver, where exactly they are waiting. The PoochO smartphone app will only let you book an auto ride in Delhi if you own an Android phone.

The user can give feedback of the service and suggestions for improvements of this app through various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The iPhone version of this tool will available soon to Apple iTunes. This will definitely beneficiary to the user.


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